Yes, You Can Call Me a Selfish Mother, but It Doesn't Matter

Yes, You Can Call Me a Selfish Mother, but It Doesn’t Matter

Yes! You can call me a selfish mother, but it doesn’t matter.

Being a mother, I have been through several ups and downs, suggestions and taunting. Undoubtedly, I felt demotivated so many times even several times, and lots of things made me cry.

So many times I stopped people, those who are elder in my family and behaved quite rigid because I felt its not good for my daughter’s present and future. They said that I am not the only who is raising her child in this universe, even they have been in this phase, but they blindly trusted their elders, relatives and so-called loved ones, so I should stop behaving like this.

Yes, you can call me a rebel mother when there is a question of my daughter because she is a responsibility given to me by my God, and I will never let him down by failing.

Being a mother, I have the right to ask everything behalf on my daughter, but people around me hate my concern, according to them I am extra possessive.

I want to give her a healthy diet, wash everything she used but this is a problem too because they think that I am letting them down as they know well ‘how to raise a child.’

If relatives visit my house as I am living in a joint family, they bring chocolates and chips for my daughter, I stopped them and said “No” but they feel that I am disrespecting them. But it doesn’t matter to me.

They said it’s not that important to take her out to the park and walk every day, but I said I would take her out. They feel bad for this too and the comment which I received most of the times is “Do whatever you want to do” we have already suggested it to you. But it doesn’t matter to me.

I said that I would not send my daughter to any playdates as I feel insecure and I can teach her everything at home, they said: “look at the neighbours and relatives, they all send their babies to playdates”. But I am not satisfied to send my daughter and ask someone stranger to teach good habits to my daughter, they said that I was overreacting. But it doesn’t matter to me.

I told them to talk to my daughter gently without any harsh words, because she grasps everything good and bad, and if I teach her all the basics then they said “stop doing so because she will learn everything when she starts going to school. I said that I will do it” they said “oh God you are such an overreacting mother.” But it doesn’t matter to me.

I said “when you take my daughter with you, don’t let her go on someone’s lap easily as I don’t trust people”, they said, “what is the harm in this if someone trying to kiss her or wants to play with her?” I said then please avoid taking her along with you. Because it does matter to me.

I am a mother full of challenges but these challenges are always welcome to my life because I know how to tackle these obstacles. My daughter is my first priority so nothing matters when questions are raised about her security and upbringing.

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