The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac – Things You Should Know About Cancerian Kids

The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac – Things You Should Know About Cancerian Kids

They say Cancerians can pick up the energies in the room in an instant, but don’t give away much about themselves. Cancer kids are known to be reserved and quiet, but they have other personality traits also that set them apart. If your munchkin was born between June 21 and July 22, you have a little crab in the family. As is the case with every other zodiac sign, many parents wonder what the Cancer sign characteristics are and how to identify them. Well, your search ends right here. Below, we give you some zodiac traits a Cancer baby is most likely to show. Read on!

Personality Traits of a Cancerian Child

1. They are water babies.

The little crabs naturally cannot live without water. They look forward to their bath time and thoroughly enjoy splashing water in the bathtub. Most parents find themselves patiently waiting for their Cancer babies to be done bathing in the water, and then go about their other tasks. Are you one of them?

2. They can’t do without their moms.

Cancerian kids are known to be almost-clingy to their moms. They feel insecure in the absence of their mothers and can throw quite a tantrum. Their anxiety can be put to rest only by those they are extremely close to.

3. They are little foodies.

When it comes to Cancer babies, parents have one less thing to worry about – the food! Cancerian kids love food. Your delightful little crab can easily slurp up all the baby food you make for her unless she is full already.

4. Affection comes naturally to them.

Cancerians can be extremely affectionate and nurturing, which is why they are identified as the care-givers. No matter the gender, a Cancer baby would be seen taking special care of a teddy bear or a doll. The same applies to people around them; Cancer babies love to love, and to be loved back!

5. They are highly imaginative.

Cancerians are little dreamers; their imagination has no limits. Your Cancer baby could be a truck driver one instant, and the very next, she could ride a unicorn on a rainbow. Her mind can jump from one thing to another, making it quite a task for you to keep her focussed on a specific activity.

6. They are reserved and shy.

Cancer babies are generally shy when they are surrounded by unknown people or when they find themselves in an unfamiliar place. If you relate to this cancer zodiac trait, you must have already noticed your Cancer baby go into her shell several times.

7. They are highly aware and almost intuitive.

One of the Cancer zodiac traits that often surprises others is how intuitive they are. They are keen observers, have a high sense of awareness about everything happening in their surroundings, and they can seldom ignore any change in the people around them no matter how insignificant it is.

8. They are incredibly stubborn.

Cancer kids may seem easy-going because they are affectionate and nurturing; however, they are known to be extremely stubborn too. They can remember a lot of things and hold a grudge for a really long time against people.

9. They are moody.

Most of their moodiness comes from bottling things up because they are too shy to express their true feelings. Cancer kids are also very sensitive and emotional. The changes in the mood often come out in bursts and not all at once.

10. They love being surrounded by family.

Cancer kids love being around the people closest to them, especially their families because they are very comfortable around them. Being around loved ones also helps Cancerian babies feel secure and protected.

Now that you know the Cancer zodiac traits, you know your little crab needs a sensitive approach to raise her appropriately. The tips given below can help you do so.

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Tips on Raising a Cancerian Child

Cancerian babies need as much love and affection from their parents as they naturally have. These tips will help you raise them to become wonderful human beings.

  • Nurturing comes naturally to Cancer babies. But at times, parents tend to make a decision based on gender stereotypes. Letting the child be, and grow as a caring human being is a better way to raise a Cancer baby and avoid stress in the family.
  • The little foodie can easily get hooked on to unhealthy foods if parents take it leniently. Healthy eating habits are better built early on. Therefore, start wisely, and help your little Cancer baby develop a liking for nutritious foods.
  • Gauge your baby’s mood and approach her with care if something important needs to be addressed. Also, do so as soon as you notice the change, else it could become a behavioural issue.
  • Cancerian kids love being surrounded by their families, and are affected by the smallest of tiffs between them. Try to keep conflicts away from your Cancer baby, at least till she is old enough to understand the point of view.
  • Use their key skills to prepare them for the future. For example, Cancer kids are naturally keen observers; you can use this trait to ignite their curiosity in space, nature, evolution, etc., by providing them with the right kind of material either through books, the internet, or television shows.

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is represented by Goddess Luna in the Renaissance Astrology. Greek mythology has an interesting story about how the Cancer zodiac sign came into existence. The constellation was formed by the remains of a crab Hercules crushed under his foot when it pinched his toe. Well, whatever the general belief is, no mythology can influence a Cancer baby as long as she is brought up well. We hope the tips provided above help you do so.

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