10 Things That You Should Know About a Sagittarius Child

10 Things That You Should Know About a Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius babies are born between November 22 and December 21. Known as a fire sign, Sagittarius babies are eager to explore the world around them. Their intelligence, wit, and thirst for knowledge make them interesting individuals as they grow up. Want to know more about your Sagittarius child and identify more of her behaviours? Read on!

Sagittarius Child Personality Traits

It’s important to know that as a parent, you will need to keep up with your Sagittarius baby. A baby born during this period naturally exhibits a curiosity towards things, and within no time will your little one run towards the things that catch her fancy. Here are some exciting Sagittarius baby traits that you can observe in your little one:

1. They are sharp and intelligent.

Sagittarius children are incredibly smart. They enjoy learning new things and picking up new hobbies, as everything interests them. Don’t be surprised if your little one has learned the alphabet or numbers super quick – it’s a part of her personality!

2. They are imaginative.

A Saggitarius child can be left alone with her thoughts, and she will still end up having a ball of a time! Sagittarius babies have a fiery imagination, and they often think of exaggerated scenarios and develop imaginary friends. A Sagittarius child is also prone to daydreaming.

they are imaginative

3. They enjoy travelling.

Sagittarius kids don’t like sitting in one place – they are way too impatient! It is because of this that your Sagittarius baby will love going to the park, to the shopping mall, or to the grocery store with you. You will notice how easily things will fascinate your Sagittarius baby – she will pick up pebbles and twigs and play with them, point and giggle at shiny lights at the mall, or feel the different textures of the vegetables at the grocery store. This is one of the most fun Sagittarius baby traits.

4. They are selectively social.

Sagittarius babies are independent beings, but they also enjoy mingling with others. Your baby would love to be surrounded by people, and people are likely to enjoy spending time with her. However, your baby wouldn’t like being in a crowd for too long – she may throw a tantrum or cry if she doesn’t get to see a familiar face. Sagittarius babies enjoy company but do not like being smothered.

they are selectively social

5. They hate rules.

Sagittarius kids, being the free spirits that they are, feel bogged down by rules and regulations. They do not understand mindless punishments; being logical with your Sagittarius child is the only way to instil some order in her life. Sagittarius babies often march to their own beat and do not conform to what others think they should do. Your child may hate rules, but it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t follow them – you just have to be creative.

6. They get bored easily.

Sagittarius babies do not like sitting still and are constantly exploring the environment around them. This is why, when you put them up to a monotonous task, they get bored very easily. You may notice your little one getting impatient during potty training or during diaper changes. In such a case, it’s best to distract your baby with a shiny toy or something she likes, so she can sit still while you finish the task at hand.

they get bored easily

7. They are confident.

A Sagittarius child knows how to carry herself and is unapologetic about it. Part of their confidence comes from the idea that they know what they want. This trait can make Sagittarius babies charming and interesting.

8. They can be bad with money.

Saggitarius babies, on growing up, may not be the best at handling their finances. This recklessness with money comes from their impulsive and fiery nature. In the process of learning and gaining more knowledge, your child may end up spending quite a lot of money.

they can be bad with money

9. They are optimistic.

Optimism is another one of the many interesting Sagittarius baby traits. Whether it’s a game she lost or a puzzle she can’t seem to complete, you will notice that your Sagittarius baby does not give up in most cases. She will strive to get it right or to complete the task at hand if it holds her interest for long enough.

10. They are joyful.

Sagittarius babies are known to be joyful with positive energy. They are funny, animated, and often loved by their peers.

How to Raise a Sagittarius Child

As you have seen, a Sagittarius baby can be a delight to raise – but it isn’t always fun and games. While a Sagittarius son or daughter can be independent, you may find it challenging to get them to stick to a routine. Similarly, while your Sagittarius child is a non-conformist, the same personality trait can prove to be detrimental as she grows up. If you’re looking to understand how to effectively raise Sagittarius kids, read on.

1. Sagittarius kids love exploring the world around them. So, it is important to keep them active. Enrol your Sagittarius daughter or son into a dance class or a sport of their choice.

2. Spend quality time with your Sagittarius kid. They do not like being smothered with love and affection, but they still crave safety and security – make sure you do activities with your child that you both enjoy. That way, your child will do what she wants to while having company that does not overwhelm her.

3. Set different rules for your child. Sagittarius kids do not like to adhere to rules, but since they are eager to learn and understand, you can use logic to explain the reasons behind your rules. Do not interact with them as an authority figure; talk to them like a friend.

how to raise a sagittarius child

4. Teach your Sagittarius girl or boy how to be fiscally smart. Start from a young age – teach them the importance of saving money and investing wisely, and this lesson will stay with them forever.

5. Encourage your Sagittarius baby’s creative streak from day 1. Encourage your child to tell you stories about her imaginary friends, her experiences, and her dreams, and push the habit of expressing these stories in a creative manner – painting, writing, dance, etc.

6. Take your child out often. When planning a vacation, remember that your Sagittarius baby will love experiencing the outdoors, so plan accordingly. Simply taking her out for a trek or out on a walk can work wonders for her brain and her imagination.

7. Get your child games that stimulate her mind. Colourful toys, rattles, card games, board games – anything that gives your Sagittarius child space to think and analyse things will be great for her.

Sagittarius babies are a joyful, happy lot – raising them can be an adventure for both the parent and the baby. By understanding what works with your child, you will be able to ensure that she gets a happy, healthy, and fulfiling childhood.

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