The Sign of the Great Twins – Things You Should Know About a Gemini Child!

The Sign of the Great Twins – Things You Should Know About a Gemini Child!

Did you know during the early history of Mesopotamia, information about the celestial objects was recorded on Sumerian tablets that date back to 1000 BCE? One of these tablets has an interesting story to share about the two minor Gods, Castor and Pollux, who are the two brightest stars of the Gemini constellation. The brothers, despite having two different fathers, were considered inseparable. When the mortal brother, Castor, died, Pollux, the immortal one, went distraught. His father Zeus helped him by making Castor immortal and turning them both into the two brightest stars of the Gemini constellation.

Fun story, right? Geminis are those born between May 21st and June 21st. Because the sun sign is associated with the Great Twins, Geminis are often considered to have twin personalities, but there’s more to them than that! If you’ve been wondering what the characteristics of a Gemini are, you’ve come to the right place. Your Gemini baby Girl or Gemini baby boy is more likely to have the following personality traits.

Personality Traits of a Gemini Child

Here are some common traits Gemini kids share.

1. Learning Stimulates Them

Gemini kids are immensely observant and are constantly learning. Things and people that stimulate their minds always attract them. Your Gemini baby loves it when you interact with her. She cannot have a dull moment ever, and she reciprocates well when you interact with her through sounds and words. Some Gemini babies enjoy noise, and sometimes chaos too!

baby reading a book

2. Creative Seekers

Their minds are always occupied with creative ideas and thoughts because they are generally observant. A Gemini child will most likely hang out with equally creative friends because she finds them like-minded and motivating.

3. Unpredictability

They are unpredictable too. You wouldn’t know what your Gemini baby would be up to the very next moment. This trait might make her come across as eccentric, but it’s her way of not getting caught in the ordinary, and juicing up her life.

4. This or That?

Some Gemini kids might find making a choice between two or more things difficult. When given options, they will keep going back and will take forever to choose one. This could seem like a concerning Gemini personality trait, but when well-wishers she can trust surround a Gemini baby, making a decision is easier for her.

baby confused between a fruit and a doughnut

5. Loyal Friends

Gemini kids are extremely loyal, supporting, and encouraging as friends. They are incredibly social, make friends in a jiffy, and somehow understand how important it is for them to maintain their friendship. Therefore, they tend to be extremely loyal to their pals.

6. Little Pranksters

Gemini kids dislike a dull and boring life. Their creative minds can make them the little pranksters you always ran away from when you were a child. As they grow, they develop an incredible sense of humour and love to pull a practical joke once in a while.

baby hiding in a closet to pull a prank on parents

7. Complaints Make Them Impatient

Your fun-loving, creative, and intelligent Gemini baby is on a constant search for stimulating, adventurous, and even weird things. They can’t tolerate stagnancy and boredom. Therefore, when there’s scope for improvement, they need a mentor, not someone who will make them feel bad about their choices. A little gentle guidance will go a long way.

8. Conflicts? Keep them away!

As is the case with complaining people, they also dislike conflicts and always try to avoid them. But, they won’t think twice before retaliating if they are cornered. The intelligent Gemini baby knows when to strike, and seldom would let anyone walk all over her.

9. Blunt and Honest

Gemini kids are never afraid to share their thoughts and feelings. They know no other way to tell the world what affects them. Gemini kids are often the spokesperson for their grade in school, who can put their observations systematically in front of the faculty to make learning interesting for kids.

10. They are Independent

They can handle most things independently and don’t often ask for help. Your Gemini baby is a keen observer. She will see what you and the others in the family do and pick it up. If you have the right environment at home, you’ll be surprised at how soon and how well-behaved she would turn out to be!

child putting on her shoes

Tips on Raising a Gemini Child

Parents are constantly under the pressure of raising their kids right. Thoughts about Gemini personality traits would vary from person to person. But, instead of dwelling on whether a trait is positive or not, parents should focus on how to discipline their Gemini child if some of these traits are affecting their behaviour. All of us are human, after all, and kids need special attention to know what’s best for them. These tips will help you handle your Gemini baby with care.

  • As your Gemini baby grows, she can manage most things independently, but given that she is only a child, it’s better to keep an eye out for her and help when it is really needed.
  • Talking and communicating can help your Gemini baby improve her literacy skills, which will be very useful to her in the future. The not-so-chatty parents can set some time apart for their Gemini chatterboxes to communicate with them and the rest of the family, instead of shutting them down.
  • Your little keen observer, with her bluntness, could put you in a tricky spot. You may have to watch your actions for a while, but when your Gemini baby is a little older, you can start teaching her the difference between personal and private things, and share only specific information wisely.
  • Practical jokes could get out of hand if your Gemini kid is not taught the importance of safety. Her mind-boggling sense of humour need not be tamed, but it can be timed, and enjoyed with your guidance.
  • Give your child access to books and activities that can keep her mind stimulated for all the right reasons.
  • Gemini kids are loyal friends; therefore, they seldom do anything that could hurt their friends. This trait could be misinterpreted and used by others to influence your child into incorrect activities. Therefore, always keep a watch on your child’s whereabouts and stay connected with her friends and their parents.

Every star in the Gemini constellation is different. By the way, 85 of those stars are visible from our planet with the naked eye. Gemini babies, too, will have different characteristics that define them. However, their personalities also depend on how they are raised. As much as these traits come handy and prove entertaining, what matters, in the end, is the love, care, and discipline you inculcate in your little star.

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