Things You Should Know About a Taurus Child

Things You Should Know About a Taurus Child

Did you know Taurus was the first zodiac sign established by the Mesopotamians? Babies born between April 19 to May 20 are considered to be born under this earth sign. If you have a Taurus baby, brace yourself, because you are in for a roller coaster ride!

Most people think Taureans are generally angry just like the raging bull that represents the zodiac sign, but that’s not completely true. Their personalities have an interesting mix of fun and sensitivity too. Well, what are we waiting for then? Let’s head straight on to know some significant traits about your Taurus child!

10 Things You Should Know About a Taurus Child

Children belonging to this zodiac sign are known for their unwavering nature, but they have several other colourful traits too.

1. They Are Poised

poised baby

Taurus kids are confident in a unique way. They don’t like to draw attention and will probably stand in the corner of a room full of children, but their charm, stance, and their gait won’t go unnoticed.

2. They Are Logical and Methodical

logical child

Taurus kids have a systematic approach when it comes to doing their stuff. This usually slows them down, especially at school, and raises concerns around homework and classwork. However, it actually works in their favour as they often maintain their grades. Guess the slow-and-steady really can win the race.

3. They Stick to Their Favourites

child holding favourite toy

Taurus kids may take time analysing things they want to do. However, after they have analysed something enough, and they decide what they like and what they don’t, they stick to it almost their entire life.

4. They Can Be Destructive

angry child

Taurus kids can become aggressive when things don’t go their way. The “Bruce Banner” can turn into “The Hulk” in no time when a Taurus child gets angry. If their temper and aggressiveness are not managed well in time, some kids can also turn out bullish in a negative way.

5. They Are Intuitive and Sensitive

child consoling a friend

Taurus kids are intuitive and can gauge the interests of the people around them. This allows them to handle most situations sensitively. They also don’t shy away from lending a compassionate hand to those in need. Seems quite a contrast compared to the previous trait, right? But, that’s what makes a Taurus child so special!

6. They Are Comfortable Amidst Known People/ Scenarios

Taurus kids find it easy to socialise amidst familiar people. They will talk to everyone, hug their closest family members and love being cuddled too. But, when they are put in an unknown/ unpredictable situation, they have a tough time adjusting to the changes.

7. They Are “Selective Loners”

child engrossed in playing a game

As much as Taurus kids enjoy familiar company, they also like their own space. Many parents would find their Taurus child sitting alone and doing her own stuff. It’s just a part of the child’s personality, and there’s nothing wrong with it unless she appears disturbed.

8. They Love the Sun and the Outdoors

child enjoying the outdoors

Taurus kids love being outdoors, soaking up the sun and having a blast. When on the playground, Taurus kids are the most active and loud ones because that’s their arena! Let them own it; you might just have another David Beckham in the making.

9. They Are Responsible and Dependable

child helping with a chore

The sensitive and unwavering nature of Taurus kids makes them extremely dependable. They can take care of most tasks you’d think they were too young to handle. Support and guide them as they handle new responsibilities.

10. They Love Music

child playing the ukulele

Taurus kids have a natural inclination towards music. Your Taurean child may also wish to pursue music professionally, and why not? Some of the most famous singers are Taureans. The next time you contemplate giving music lessons to your little Taurean, remember Arijit Singh, Benny Dayal, Adele, and Stevie Wonder.

Although most of these traits are manageable, some of them might put you in a tight spot. In the next section of the article, we shall share some tips to help you deal with your Taurus child.

Tips to Raise a Taurus Child

Here are some tips for you to raise your little Taurean.

  • Be logical with your approach because Taurus kids are methodical and won’t fall for fluff.
  • Taurus kids are quite sure of what they want to do, and they do it all their way. So, when it comes to setting a routine for your Taurus kid, try not to pack her schedule with a lot of activities.
  • As mentioned earlier, Taurean kids are quite stubborn when it comes to their choices and opinions. They may take time analysing things, but when they decide what they love, nothing can be done to change their minds. Therefore, provide your child with enough exposure to different activities, games, toys, foods, textures, tastes, etc. during her growing years. This will also help you ensure your baby chooses what’s best for her.
  • Although Taurus kids are dependable, you must not bog them down with loads of activities. They will help you when they see you troubled with a lot of chores to do, but they might not take any instructions when they figure you are taking advantage of them.
  • Taurus kids could have a tough time catching up at school. You may need to discuss timelines with the teachers and be hands-on when it comes to getting your child to remain at par with her peers.
  • Since Taurus kids are drawn to music, try to introduce your child to several instruments and encourage her to learn the one she truly loves.

No matter what zodiac sign your child belongs to, raising her is a difficult task in itself. It usually takes up more energy and time than you thought it would. Understanding your kid’s requirements is essential to ensure adequate growth and development. These personality traits of a Taurus child may not cover all the qualities your child has, but they should be able to help you understand your child better.


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