Handling a Newborn – From a Dad’s Perspective

It’s been one month since our son, Aayansh, was born. There have been a lot of confusion and some challenges about parenting – it’s very difficult to understand a newborn’s signals and requests. Being with your kid and your wife must be the first priority. The closer you get to your child, the more time you spend with him/her. And, in turn, your child will also support you equally.

Now, our baby can give us signals for things he wants. And luckily, we can understand them, too. This one month has been an amazing journey. We felt as if we were growing with the baby. We are learning things with him, our patience was tested many times, but when we saw his cute smile, all your worries faded away. He sparks a new beginning in our lives.

It’s sort of a new stage that defines your progress in life. But, one thing I can is for sure you is that whatever challenges your baby faces, be it colic, mood changes, hunger, etc., he/she needs you around the most. When your baby feels your presence and encouragement, he/she can face all challenges and learn to tackle it on their own. Therefore, I recommend new parents to always be there for their child because he/she needs you around and that’s the most important thing.

I would like to share one more thing as a tip here – Don’t believe in superstitions; always believe in proven facts. Read as many articles as possible about parents’ experiences or those written by experts and believe in those facts while handling your baby.

Regarding a dad’s perspective, it’s tougher since you have the responsibility to encourage your child to try new things. Teach your little one new lessons and life skills which can come handy when he/she grows up.

We also have to be careful about the things we want to teach our children and how we teach them is also important. Don’t get carried away when the child responds to your teachings more often. It’s a process, so take it slow and move ahead steadily. This will make you a great parent.

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