Sleeping Issues Faced by Mothers - How to Schedule Your Baby's Sleep

Sleeping Issues Faced by Mothers – How to Schedule Your Baby’s Sleep

Hello everyone,

Most moms have an issue of not having complete sleep at night because their babies are night riders – but it’s actually our fault because we are the ones who don’t maintain any sleep schedule for our babies. I am a mother of an almost 8-month-old baby and I am not facing any sleeping issue, touch wood! You can set your baby’s sleep schedule from a very early age – just 40 days.

First thing you have to keep in mind is – differentiate between day and night. Always make your baby sleep in a dark place at night and light place during the day.

Second, don’t play with your baby at night if he is not sleepy. Try to make him sleep at night by singing some lori or song. If your baby wakes up early, start playing with him slowly so they understand their sleep time.

Third, try to make your child sleep at the same time everyday so your child will become used to these sleeping habits.

For example: My baby wakes up at around 7 am, and he goes back to sleep at 9 am. He wakes up again at 10:30 am and then sleeps again at 1 pm. He wakes up at 2 pm and sleeps again at 4:30 pm. He wakes up at 5 or 5:30 pm and then sleeps again at 10 pm. He wakes up at around 3 am and sleeps at around 3:30 or 4 am, and wakes up at 7 am.

This is my baby’s sleep schedule. Make sure you make your child tired between these times, otherwise, he won’t sleep for long. One more thing: Make sure your baby is never hungry and has a full stomach. Let him sleep only then, otherwise his sleeping time will be less and you will have to deal with his schedule all over again.

I personally follow these rules and my baby has fixed timings of sleep which are gradually decreasing. But I still have a lot of time to sleep at night and finish my household chores for the day. Hope this helps you guys!

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