Pregnancy: Whenever Your Mood Swings, Try Some Creative Things!

Pregnancy is that time, when God has selected ‘you’ (among all) as one of His special creatures through whom a new life can come into this world. That new life completes you as a woman, too. Happiness cannot be expressed in words – it is what a mother-to-be feels when she comes to know about this, that she is going to become a mother.

The next 9 months have changed the entire scenario. This 9 month journey is full of ups and down, and the mother as well as the baby inside go through phenomenal changes with innumerable wants in this phase. Mood swings is a common factor at this time, especially for particular foods, tastes, or emotions.

According to me, a mother should do innovative things, like talk to your baby inside you, talk to plants, spend some time with nature, cook something, watch your favorite movie or serial (a positive one), do make-up for no reason, show your artistic side by drawing or sketching, as we all know colours are full of positivity and our best friends too, sing something or chant something (any mantra or bhajan), and most importantly, spend some time doing religious activities. By spending time in these activities, the mother as well as baby will be benefitted.

God is the ultimate power, and He will make easy paths for you and for the baby. The main points to following during this pregnancy phase of mood swings are to stay away from negativity, avoid listening to bad things no matter where that happening, don’t get depressed in any situation, as you are carrying a new life inside you, and think for a while that that life is completely dependent on you, whatever you tell, see, or eat. So, it is your foremost responsibility to prove yourself in front of God, that He has chosen the right person to bring a new life in this world.

Let the new life inside you enjoy with you. Be positive and be happy. Enjoy your pregnancyhood. Good luck to all mothers and stay blessed always.

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