How to Carry With Unsolicited Advice or Comments Coming From Others

Parenting is challenging, especially when there is no one to help you. Mothers are constantly overworked and overburdened. From feeding to bathing, changing diapers to putting them to sleep, we’ve got you covered. It’s been a long and challenging trip. And, of course, there are baby blues, which can make a mother feel overwhelmed. When all of this is going on, when the mother is rushing around day and night (figuratively), and she receives unwanted advice, taunts, or comments, it really gets on your nerves.
Losing weight is the last thing on my mind because there is so much more my body is coping with. I never felt terrible about my body then, or now, the first few months after birth. I indulged in everything I denied myself during pre-pregnancy and pregnancy, and honestly, I felt perfect about it. I craved different kinds of food, and I relished it without guilt. I needed to pamper my tongue after all the diets in pregnancy.
I don’t understand why society is bothered so much about a mother’s body during postpartum. Every time they ask her to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight asap. Honestly, a hundred things are running in a new mom’s mind, and I bet weight loss would be the last thing on my list. I never even bothered about it. Finally, now that I feel I can handle the baby better and am confident about a number of things and that my cravings are satisfied, I’m now getting back to mindful eating. But again, why does my body fat troubles these women? Have you experienced the same? Would you please share your responses to such comments amidst all the baby blues?
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