Everything You Need to Know about Diaper Rash

Everything You Need to Know about Diaper Rash

Using a diaper is completely safe for the baby, as long as a few things are kept in mind. Gone are the days when a diaper used to be considered harmful for babies. In modern times, when new parents are too conscious about the hygiene and comfort of their child, diaper usage is gaining momentum. Yet, quite some confusions exist in the minds of parents, and if you are reading this, you are at right place to get some clarity on diapers.

One Should Follow Some Key Rules While Using Diapers

1.First and foremost, change the diaper every three hours, irrespective of whether it is bulky or not. Frequently changing the diaper helps avoid infections.

2.It is essential to use a good rash cream. Apply it before making your child wear diaper even if the child has no rashes. Rash cream should be applied in order to avoid any type of rash. There are a variety of rash creams available in the market. Pick one best suited for your child’s skin type.

3.Give your child some nappy-free time, an hour or two at least! This enables the skin of the diaper area to breathe and also helps avoid any sort of infections. During this time, you can apply coconut oil on the skin and leave it. Coconut oil can also be used instead of rash creams if you feel that your baby is allergic to rash creams.

4.Choose the size of the diaper wisely. It should neither be too tight nor too lose for the child, as both can cause discomfort.

5.Lastly, rely on a good diaper brand in order to avoid the possibility of a diaper rash. Feel free to use diapers and keep your child happy and healthy.

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