My College Days and How They Changed Me

My College Days and How They Changed Me

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Hi ladies, I am a dentist by profession. I want to share about my college days. I was very shy in nature, very naive, a homely girl and the only child of my parents. Staying out of home, hostel life, college life was my dream. What I didn’t know that the world wasn’t so easy as I thought. The first few months were the ragging period and they were a nightmare for me. My parents never admonished me and here I was obeying the orders of my seniors and listening to their harsh words. I was totally broken, depressed and felt like hell. And then the exams and tough syllabus. I couldn’t cope up with all of these. But I had amazing friends who helped me right from doing my senior’s assignments to bringing breakfast for them while skipping their own. Life was bitter and I hated college. Years passed, but I wasn’t so extraordinary in studies.

Dentistry was my dream but I wasn’t liking it. I would starve out of anger and depression, skipped classes, sulk in the room all alone and didn’t even receive calls from my parents. I was counting the days to the end of my college life. During one such instance, a day scholar was crying and when I went to ask why she said that she didn’t have books for the next day’s exam. Out of pity, I lent my book to her. After the exam, she pretended she didn’t know me! Forget about returning the book! Many such incidents happened which taught me how the real world was, and I learned a lot from them. Still, out of nature, I helped others without expecting anything in return. Then there was the hostel warden who was a greedy and selfish woman. She helped us at times but always wanted something in exchange, or a bribe. As the months passed, I kept learning from people. From naive, I now became smart, adamant and a bit selfish for myself.

Classes and practicals were so tough that we had to bring our own patient for practicals. We would beg the patients to become our patients and would bribe them with money and food, especially the poor. But I felt pity for them too. Our college was on the outskirts of the city and poor people would travel 20 to 30 kilometres for treatment. I remember one old man around 75 years of age. I was preparing his dentures and it takes 1 week for doing so. He had to visit the clinic three to four times for his treatment. I used to give him 100 rupees for his travel and tea at my canteen. He was happy and would come on time. He would show me old pictures of his house, kids and cattle. Unfortunately, his kids didn’t stay with him and he was all alone now. I felt sad for him. When his denture was ready, I placed it and his happiness knew no bounds! He said he would first eat a samosa. I gave him 500 rupees and thanked him for being my regular patient and bearing with me. Lastly before leaving he blessed me and said that I would achieve a lot in life. I had tears all over and beamed from the heart. I felt helping people and good things haven’t ended. Kindness and humanity haven’t ended. I smiled!

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