Post Pregnancy Fitness - What I Did for Fat Loss - Challenging but Not Impossible

Post Pregnancy Fitness – What I Did for Fat Loss – Challenging but Not Impossible

I’ve always been fit in my life owing to my dedication and hard work. Things got a bit changed after pregnancy due to the change in priorities and lifestyle.

I wanted to lose my baby fat and get my self back to what I was before pregnancy. It wasn’t easy to get back in shape with a newborn who had no routine, but I took it as a challenge and began my fitness journey after 9 months of giving birth.

First and foremost, I managed to get some free time for myself, where I could do some basic stretching exercises to begin with. Gradually, I tweaked my exercise routine to incorporate some walking and jogging. I did everything at home and never went to a gym?.

What kept me going was few positive changes I could notice in myself. For instance, I started regaining my strength and felt lighter. Another thing I changed was I tried to eat smarter atleast one meal a day. Like, I started eating one chapati less than what I used to at dinner. Apparently, this seemed to be working for me.

After becoming a mother, not all days are predictive and smooth and so was my fitness schedule. I was on and off track with few days in between when I could not manage to get any time for myself. However, I didn’t quit, which was quite easy. I resumed back to my planned schedule sooner than later.

Each passing day was bringing a new hope and excitement. A hope to get fit and an excitement to try new workouts and healthy diets. By this time, my daughter was walking, running and sleeping less?. It became really difficult to workout at home with her running all over the place. I started working out with my daughter? but even that didn’t last for long given that the kids don’t like doing same things everyday. I started utilising the time when she was asleep and I found it better to workout during that time. I could have easily taken an excuse to rest for a while but I knew if I did that I would never follow my fitness journey.

The things said above are easier said than done, but not impossible. We have to be determined to reach our goals.

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