A Baby's 1st Birthday Celebration - Is a Grand Birthday Party Necessary?

A Baby’s 1st Birthday Celebration – Is a Grand Birthday Party Necessary?

As a child approaches 1 year of age, his parents become busy planning a grand party, making an invitation list, shopping list, menu and venue and the works. But is it all really necessary? My child is approaching his first birthday and everyone seems excited but me. Personally, I feel that the child’s first birthday should be all about the child and family, because I have been invited to many such birthday parties and most of the time, I have seen the birthday baby crying and getting irritated because of the crowd, strangers and loud music. All the while, however, the adults have fun. It’s so sad when the child doesn’t know what’s going on and therefore, cannot enjoy all that’s happening.

A baby does not understand the concept of birthdays and birthday celebrations at this age. I believe in simple celebrations with a small family gathering to eat good food. This way, the child is around people he/she knows and feels better. The child will enjoy it as he/she will be surrounded by family and people he/she knows. This way, we can give our entire attention to the child.

I would rather celebrate a grand birthday party when my child turns 5, when he’ll know what’s going on and can enjoy himself at the party. At that age, the child will know what a party is as well. He will have friends that can be invited to the party.

A child’s first birthday is no doubt special, but it should be all about the child and her achievements over the past year; not about how big the party was, how good the food was, what music the DJ played, how huge the guest list was, how beautifully the venue was decorated, or how many gifts the baby received. For me, my child’s first birthday party should be all about him and not about us, his parents.

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