A Step Towards Making Your Home Germ-Free

A Step Towards Making Your Home Germ-Free

New parents take extra measures to keep their homes clean and tidy after the arrival of their babies. A new mother is especially concerned about her baby’s health and does everything possible to take care of her little one, including making the home look spick and span. The places and the corners of the house, which are usually overlooked while cleaning the entire house, are the dirtiest. The sofa in the living room hoard germs, even the flooring of the house is not clean, despite cleaning it every day. The switchboards, which are touched many times a day carry germs too. The kitchen counter and a baby’s toys too are dirty too.

If you thought, the toilet and bathroom were the only dirtiest places in your house, then think again. Well, they sure are dirty, but your kitchen may also be in the list of dirty or germiest places in your house. If you think cleaning the kitchen counter with soap and water will work, then no it won’t. With so much work to be done with a baby in your life, using any disinfectant will make your job easier. The kitchen counter is one of the dirtiest places in the house, but do you know what else is dirty in your house? Find out! Also, learn how you can clean those places and items.

1. Dish Sponge: By using the same dish sponge over and over, E.coli bacteria may grow on it, which may affect your health. It is best to microwave the sponges after using them, which will reduce the bacteria in it.

2. Toothbrush Holder: You didn’t think of this one, did you? A toilet seat has far less number of germs as compared to the toothbrush holder. If your toothbrush holder is near your toilet, it may be subject to particles that are sprayed through the air when you flush. Close the toilet when you flush and also keep your toothbrush holder away from the toilet.

3. Toys: Your child’s toys are the dirtiest of all. Children often have the habit of putting the toys in their mouth lying on the floor then they throw them again on the floor. Hence, it is important that you disinfect these toys. The best way to clean them thoroughly is by spraying a disinfectant on the toys before giving it to your child.

4. Bathroom Faucets: Turning on the faucet is the step between using the bathroom and washing your hands. You can install touch-free faucets for more protection. If not, clean your faucets regularly with disinfectant sprays and wipes.

5. Remote Control: Your TV remote also gets dirty. Your child can frequently put the remote in his mouth, and the germs may pass on to him. So clean that remote daily. It is best to cover the remote in a plastic cover, which will make it easier to clean it every day.

The above mentioned everyday things in your house are prone to an alarming rate of bacteria. So think smart and use a disinfectant spray regularly to clean them thoroughly.

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