Why New Mommies Shouldn't Panic

Why New Mommies Shouldn’t Panic

Giving birth to a child is big challenge, and the pain – no one can imagine what it’s like. But, just one glance at the child and we forget all the pain. After delivery, we are new mommies, we have to learn every single thing related to our child. Sometimes, it’s quite difficult, but don’t worry guys, wakt sab sikha deta hai (time teaches everything).

After delivery, we have to forget our personal time and care, we just have to focus all our attention and care for the baby. We have to sacrifice our sleep, and adjust to the babies’ routine, their sleep and their feeding time too. After a month or 2 though, it becomes easy to understand when the babies want to sleep, when they are hungry, etc. Therefore, all we need is be patience.

We can slowly understand how much time he/she requires to go to sleep, how long they nap or sleep, time interval between their feeds, how much milk they require, etc. So don’t be depressed in our initial days because time teaches everything.

Some mommies experiences a lot of pain, especially when they have stitches, some have lactation issues and they produce either too much or no milk at all to feed the baby. We have to face very bad situations at times but don’t panic. Everything passes and we understand the situation better and even learn to deal with it.

Remember, wakt bit jayega aur achha time aayega (this too shall pass and good times will come). But, while we are occupied with our child, we always need to pay attention towards our health because the baby is totally dependent on us. So, be healthy and most important be happy. Focus on your babies health as well as your too, consume a good diet and be particular about it. And, don’t forget to take a nap when the baby sleeps; its very important for your health.

All the best to all new mommies. Always remember, everything gets better as time passes.

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