Mothering an Autistic Child

Mothering an Autistic Child
Dear Riaan,
I want you to know something today your mother has never felt. Something which hit my mind when I received a very beautiful message from one of my friends. I know the world will teach u lots of things going further and it will be defined only as an illness, but this is not true. Mumma wants you to know that there are certain kids born to be special, exactly like u. Their journey is different, time taken to achieve certain milestones is longer but still they are as human as us.
The real pain starts when a mother gets to know that her child is different. Sometimes all things which seem perfect to us might be broken inside. A mother smiling in front of u might be shattered inside. As she has dreams for her autistic child, she needs a caring hand to hold her child when she is not around.
Doctors in India ( as per my knowledge) only check the physical growth in a child. They check the height, weight, head size, vaccination schedule, etc, but they will never guide u about the learning that such a child needs.
Certain changes should be brought about for this:
  1. Pediatrician should observe not only the physical growth and development but also mental health and look if the child has autism.
  1. Counsel the parents that their child will lag in development.
  1. Govt should have clear guidelines about further steps to be taken once a child is diagnosed with ASD.
  1. Play schools should have special educators or psychologists who can help such children.
  1. Govt should regulate the fees being charged by therapy centres so that it is affordable.
  1. Airports, railway stations, malls should have sensory spots where swings, gym balls, rocking chairs, etc are kept for children.
  1. Schools do not want to admit such children. That mentality should be changed.

To all moms of autistic children, there is a reason God has chosen you to tackle such a child as he knows that only u have the strength to overcome this struggle. Keep your spirit high and walk like a warrior.

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