A Doctor's Pregnancy Journey

A Doctor’s Pregnancy Journey

It was a miraculous journey. COVID was a boon for us. We both are doctors busy with our duties and job constraints. We had to stay apart from each other due to the pandemic situation. Luckily during our post-duty off for 14 days in a month, we got our chances for planning pregnancy. By God’s grace, my wife, a neonatologist, surprised me with a positive UPT followed by USG. We and our families were blessed with some unforgettable moments. At the same time, we had other good news! My own brother and brother-in-law also shared the news that their wives were also pregnant. It was a coincidence!

During this nine months journey, we faced many things due to migraine, COVID, lockdown, traveling issues, consultation problems, and exams. My wife wrote a fellowship exam during the first trimester which caused oligo or low normal AFI which tensed us. Later during the fifth month, the fetal medicine doctor said that can’t find a gastric bubble. As we looked at different cases we were nervous. Later to exclusively show again for TIFFA, we traveled 150km to show a radiologist who is a close friend, where she confirmed everything was normal and perfect. These were two situations that threw us into a panic. Throughout pregnancy, my wife used DHA, ARGUMUST sachets, as in general, she doesn’t consume much water. During these days she drank five litres daily. We did repeated checkups, scans as we are doctors. We have many gynecologists and radio friends who helped us during their busy hours. Whatever the end result was, it was good. Finally, we planned for a C-section. Myself, my father-in-law both were anesthesiologists and we called neonatologist, a senior pediatrician in town, the main obstetrician, and three others on stand-by who are family friends. With all their blessings, on February 13 morning at 10:31 am, we were blessed with a baby boy.. who is our incarnation. We used to call him Minnu throughout pregnancy for his nickname, and we named him Siddhik Aayansh!

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