The Social Pressure to Become a Parent

Parenting in today’s world is a big task and it’s expensive too. Most new couples have jitters when they plan for a baby or starting a family. Many couples plan for a baby because of the pressure from their families (and society). The moment you get married, people start asking you about babies.
I feel that having a baby should be a personal choice and not because of any pressure. One should be strong enough and make up their mind and not get affected by the constant comments of people or their stupid advice.
If you are happy and a healthy couple nothing can stop you from having a baby. Obviously, every individual is different but if I have to share my experience I would say mine was a difficult one emotionally and physically easy.
My husband and I were married for 8 years and lived with my in-laws. It was a love marriage but not an easy one. We were educated and modern, but my in-laws complete orthodox. We had our share of ups and downs to adjust and put forth our point to convince them that we were not going to have a baby unless we were ready for it. We were strong-willed to stick to what we had decided and portrayed that to everyone who asked us about having a baby soon after we got married.
As a woman, I had to go through a lot of emotional turmoil as my friends and family would ask me rather than my husband about starting a family. This affected me every time as I was an introvert and didn’t have the courage to answer them. Even when you portray that you aren’t planning now, people don’t stop giving suggestions.
But with my hubby’s support, I was able to overcome all this and face it strongly and never let it affect me further. It should be a couple’s choice as to when they want to start a family. They should plan for a family when they’re mentally, physically and obviously financially ready to raise a child.
When you start planning, you have to be healthy, happy and stress-free. Don’t let negative thoughts put you down or stress you out. Instead, plan a vacation and spend some quality time with each other where you don’t stress and enjoy every moment of being together. This is what I did and bingo I had conceived and was pregnant the next month.
If you want to conceive take your time but be happy, healthy and stress-free. I did the same and was pregnant even after 8 years of our wedding. I conceived at the age of 31 and had a healthy pregnancy throughout. Believe in yourself and be happy and positive.

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