Journey of Pregnancy to Child Care – Nausea phase

Even in the 21st century, once a girl gets married, the main goal set for every daughter/daughter in law is becoming a mother. Whether you want it or not, you must have a child soon after getting married.
If you don’t conceive, then you will be end up with a lot of questions/suggestions/bits of advice or even an appointment with a doctor. The typical Indian expectations.
But what happens once you are pregnant? The whole world will give you infinite advice in the name of past experiences. In some cases, they will take you back to the 18th or 19th century in the name of traditions. You will be confused with every suggestion without knowing which is right and which is wrong.
I am a mother of two, boy and girl. After helping a lot of my friends, I was looking for a page to share my experience. So, I decided to help those lakhs of moms from pregnancy to child care through FirstCry.
Trust me this is going to be interesting, funny and useful. Let me start with the initial phase of pregnancy- the nausea phase.
Most of you would be experiencing vomiting, nausea in your first trimester and some luckier ones don’t. But, don’t worry both are perfectly normal. Everytime I used to vomit, my husband would tell me, “Try to control, try to control”. I screamed at him one day asking, “How can I control the food stuck in my throat? Just let me do it!”  He stopped saying that. So, if vomiting makes you better, just do it and eat again after a small gap.
Only in extreme cases of vomiting like the condition called ‘hyperemesis gravidrum’, you will be needing medical help. Even in such cases, don’t get worried, the baby will still get its nutrients from you. And if someone predicts the gender based on the nature or the number of times you vomit, just close your ears as nothing is scientifically proven. So, wait till the D-day.
Unless you are allergic to specific foods, you can take all other foods. General foods to avoid: big fish, shrimps, crabs since it all contains mercury, limit sweets, ice creams, chocolates as you have to be cautious for pregnancy diabetes.
So, this nausea phase is to stay hydrated, have a proper diet and take rest whenever your body needs it. Get ready for the exciting times ahead. Kicks, shopping and many more in the next phase…

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