Breastfeeding 'Secrets' - the Struggles Moms Face

Breastfeeding ‘Secrets’ – the Struggles Moms Face

God prepares our child’s food even before it’s born in the form of milk that nurtures, strengthens the immunity and helps in the growth of the baby. It’s a natural way in which mother and baby bond. It’s a beautiful mechanism of nature which looks so good but it’s not that good for the mother at times.

The process comes with certain problems and issues that are of concern, but in our society, these topics are not given importance. Instead, they are kept a secret, as if feeding a baby is something shameful.

Some mothers have a limited supply of milk, some are unable to make it at all, some have chipped nipples, bleeding problems, and clogged milk ducts, all of which are really painful. If you are a first-time mother, these topics come as a surprise to you as nobody educates you or prepare you for feeding. Some midwives will give home remedies but people will feel awkward to share their problems freely.

The guilt that a mother is unable to feed her baby is really disgusting and in a traditional family atmosphere, it will be kept secret. The fear of society’s taunts will force her to keep suffering.

There are many products that help in feeding like nipples shields, breast pumps, lotions and various medicines, but due to the lack of knowledge or awareness, people don’t know about them. Even if they know, there are various myths and doubts about them. This ignorance let women suffer alone and the entire experience of motherhood becomes bitter.

The ladies who have to return to work after some time face a dilemma; so many ladies waste their milk as they don’t know that it can be stored and used later. Even if one has to leave the baby for some time, they can store the milk and the baby can have it in her absence.

The breast pads soak leaking milk from nipples and can save you from embarrassment in public too. Nursing bras help you to feel confident, but these are not on the must-buy list of a new mom. Very few know about them at all.

There are medicines to increase milk supply, treat pain, and sore nipples. The expressed milk can be given by some other person and the mother can get time to relax. It can be fed to the baby at public gatherings like weddings or functions as it’s difficult to breastfeed during these times. Some will find these aids to be a waste of money but if they know the proper use and benefits, it surely is a boon.

Nowadays, information is available online but very few will show interest in it and details can’t reach to the mass. Even this topic should be discussed much like other essential procedures are, so that the mother and infant both can benefit from it and can enjoy their journey hassle-free.

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