How This Doctor Has Revamped Yoga for Overactive Kids

How This Doctor Has Revamped Yoga for Overactive Kids

I consider my daughter as a hyperactive kid. Generally, everyone tries to correct me by saying she is not a hyperactive kid but she is overactive. I don’t know the exact definition of both the words. But in my opinion, if my daughter can not sit while having her food or watching television then she falls under the hyperactive category.

Her time duration for any activtity is just 3 minutes. After that, she starts getting bored. She can not even play the same game after 3 minutes. She loves western dance and a few months back I enrolled her for western dance class. After 3 classes she felt bored and started crying while going to class. Now the situation is that she has totally stopped going to dance class. Sometimes I feel her focus is very bad. She has wanted to learn everything but she doesn’t learn anything. All because of lack of passion and focus.

Few people suggested to me that I should enrol her for kids yoga. Initially, I was very sceptical that she will be bored with yoga as well and she will start crying that she does not want to go for a class. We have recently shifted to this new location and people of this complex have formed many WhatsApp group for various purposes. One day, I received a kids yoga class message on my mobile. I was not very sure whether my daughter would like to join these classes and how she will react in the class. 

To my surprise, she was happy and excited about this class. I called this lady whose message I received on the Whatsapp group. She told me before conducting the class she wants to meet me and wants to know more about the kid. Also, she wants to know my expectations from yoga for my kid.

So, today I met that lady. By profession, she is a yoga doctor. But her way of teaching yoga to kids is very unique. When we started our conversation she told me that in her all the kids are overactive.

While talking to her she showed me a whiteboard where some trees were drawn. When I asked her what is the connection of these trees with yoga. She explained to me that in today’s class she was teaching Tadasana to kids and to understand the importance of Tadasana, she used the example of a tree, where she told the kids to draw a tree as tall as they want to be and kids drew trees with different height. She mixes yoga with fun. Later on, she shared her Facebook page with me and I was really surprised to see the different techniques which she was using with the kids to teach them yoga with fun. 

Oh! I always wonder why such activities were not there at our times. I do not have any idea about my daughter’s progress with yoga but after watching all the fun yoga videos I want to re-live my childhood days.

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