Being a Mom Is Not a Cup of Tea. It Requires a Lot of Patience

Being a Mom Is Not a Cup of Tea. It Requires a Lot of Patience

Becoming a mom brings lots of joy but also lots of responsibility, anxiety and many problems but you have to handle it with patience. I Know it’s easy to say but tough to follow.
I still remember when my little boy was born I was on cloud nine but sooner realised that it’s not easy to handle a small human being who can not speak and who can not do a single thing without you. And some time he lets you leave scratching your head that exactly what he wants trust me it’s really confusing.
I must say these 10 months had been a learn on work kind of situation for me where I had came across a lots of time when I lose my patience. Sometime I even yelled on my baby and trust me it has broken my heart later on. There are some points on the basis of my on tried and tested method to help us being patient.

1. Try to Understand Why Baby is Crying

I know it’s tough to understand a person who can’t speak but remember ladies you are a mom and mom’s has this ablity when she can understand her baby so try to figure out what your baby wants he is  not always hungry may be he just wants to play with you and you are busy with something so pay attention.

2. Sleep When You Baby Sleeps

Yes you heard right sleep when baby sleeps leave all the chores, dirty dishes, messy house leave it just take rest baby’s between 1 to 3 months will wake several time during night so you sleep will get disturbed and you will become cranky so complete your sleep to become a more patient mom.

3. Play With Your Baby

Trust me there is no other joy in the world like seeing your baby smile it will give to the strength to fight anything and anyone to play with him and make him happy and I can assure you you will be a much happy mumma.

4. Spend Time With Your Better Half

Ya that’s true it’s tested. A kiss in the morning and some pretty words can give a boostof energy. Don’t forget your husband when your baby comes I know it’s tough to manage the time but atleast you both can spend some time together when baby is sleeping or busy with something or ask him to feed you when you are feeding you baby and trust me it’s a awesome feeling and this love will give you the power to handle anything. Don’t you remember LOVE IS THE STRONGEST POWER.
So these where my some tried and tested tips to become cool during rough situation. I hope this may help you.
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