Me, My Papa, and the Hot Summer With A Cold Drink

Me, My Papa, and the Hot Summer With A Cold Drink

I still remember the day, when I was in the 5th standard, and had come back home from school in the month of June. I opened the door of the fridge to get a cold drink, when my mother said that the fridge wasn’t working since the morning. So, I took a bucket, and went to the veranda to take some cold water from the hand pump. I filled the bucket with water, and put the cold drink bottle inside that.

My papa came from work, and asked me what I was doing. I explained the whole situation. Immediately, my papa told me to sit behind him on his scooter, and he drove us into the city. We reached the store, and there my papa told me to choose a new fridge. We both selected the same one, and papa purchased that. We went back home with a vehicle that was loaded with the new fridge. My mom hadn’t known where we had gone, and when we came back, she was shocked!

We are 3 sisters, and I am the eldest one. I am married and having a baby, but till now, my papa didn’t differentiate between us 3 sisters. He gave us everything, before we even asked. There are parents who always used to say, you are a girl, you cannot do this. But my papa used to say, you are a girl, then why are you not doing this. My sister told papa that she loves to drive a motor bike, and I remember that, the next day, papa purchased one for her, and she is the first girl in our state who to drive a motor bike – all because of papa and his positive thinking! Love you always, papa. May Waheguru ji bless you always.

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