Mom, Dad, It Is Time to Put Your Phone Down

Mom, Dad, It Is Time to Put Your Phone Down

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Riya was very excited today, she won a medal in science quiz. She was very eager to be home and show it to her parents. The moment the school bus arrived into her society premises; she jumped with excitement and rushed towards her home. She was pleased to see her both parents at home before her today. She shouted with extreme happiness, mommy, daddy, I won today, look, I won. But the very next minute made her sad and she just walked into her bedroom. She was crying all alone while looking at the medal, she thought of throwing it somewhere. But what happened to her? Why she suddenly behaved like this?

Can anyone guess? It was sad but true. Her parents were busy with their mobiles and didn’t even realize that their daughter is home. They just smiled for formality and went back to their world. Parents are the world for every kid and here the world is only ignoring
them completely. And this story isn’t only from Riya’s home but every next door is the same.

Is it that parents do it purposely? No, of course not. There is always a task pending at the back of our mind, official emails, reports, research, pending bills and whatnot. But the time we select for the same should not be in front of our kids. Parents are always role models for their kids. And kids tend to copy their parents. When they see them on phones, after a certain age they also turn into mobile freaks.

Not only this but for every kid, it’s a happy time being with parents and when they seek attention but don’t get it, they feel left out.

Kids are highly emotional and tend to get hurt easily. They always need someone to give them 100% attention and give them love. When they see, it’s not happening that way then it can break their heart as they feel the mobile is more important for parents than the kid.
And after trying many times, kids slowly stops communication with their parents and start living in their world.

And by the time parents realize this, it becomes too late.

Kids grow up very fast so only childhood is the time to be with them, to create a special bond, to give them direction for good or bad in life, to make them understand the world, to help them in studies, to teach them respect about the world, not just to be a good son/daughter but to be a good society member.

It’s a request to all parents that cherish this moment, have fun, enjoy with your kids as later this will remain only as a good memory.

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