Love Beyond Love – My Journey from a Mother to a Mom

Breastfeeding is a journey from a mother to a mom..a feeling which gives you lifetime bliss. The day my baby was born, I was crowned a mother. Friends and relatives were giving me wishes and blessings for becoming a new mother. But I was empty from inside, feelings  for my baby was missing.. I was not finding myself attached to my baby.. like all other family members I was celebrating those happy days..but a question was disturbing me again and again and that was, is this a real feeling I waited for?
3 days passed in the same ‘happily confused newly mother’ status..then the real moment came.. a nurse asked me to feed the baby..I was not sure whether I could or not, but with the help of a sister, I tried. My baby was in my lap, he was searching my breast for milk. To my surprise, within a minute my baby started sucking. It was the first time I saw his face so close,  his bright eyes and tiny hands, he was sucking my breast and I was turning into a mom from a mother. It was the feeling I was missing. That happiness was priceless. Those 10 minutes changed everything. That is something which is impossible to explain in words..After completing that session, when I saw the contentment on the face of my son, I realized it’s not love, it’s beyond love…now my son is three and a half months old, a very healthy boy..and till now I only breastfed him. This is not only beneficial for him but for me also..seeing him while breastfeeding is precious. Even scientifically it’s proven that breastfeeding lowers the stress and anxiety in mothers because of oxytocin- a hormone released during nursing. Spending time with the baby is always special but while breastfeeding, it gives immense happiness to a mother.

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