Understanding Your Child's Unique Personality

Understanding Your Child’s Unique Personality

Personality is very distinctive when it comes to anyone. Every child is different and born with his or her uniqueness. Some are introverts, whereas some are extroverts.
From the last few months, I have been noticing my daughter’s shy behaviour and how she takes time to mingle with new people. I was finding it hard to convince her to change this behaviour. But I was completely wrong on my part as I was neglecting the positives, that being shy with strangers is not bad. It’s actually good! It’s okay to take your time to be comfortable with the people who you never met. This doesn’t declare their future social behaviour as these toddlers have a long way to go in learning, winning and losing in life.
Looking at the current situation in the outside world and being the mother of a daughter, I feel easy-going people are more vulnerable than people who take their time to get adjusted. Here, I am not offending the kids with an extrovert nature; it’s just a feeling of a concerned mother. Definitely, ‘extrovert’ doesn’t mean vulnerable, and ‘introvert’ doesn’t mean they are weak. Every child is born with the inherited qualities of his parents. So bear in mind that every child is a mirror of his/her parents. If you want to fix the problem you are facing with your child’s behaviour, first, try to fix the problem in yourself and check if it is the case that the mistake is being done from your side. As they say ‘if a flower is not blooming try to fix the environment, not the flower’.
I will conclude the blog by sharing what I feel is right. I have learned that kids too need some space and we as parents should understand this and not put pressure on them to be social, unnecessarily. Let them grow with their own pace and space.

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