Mothers, Open Up Your Heart and Talk!

Mothers, Open Up Your Heart and Talk!
Being a mother is simply an amazing phase, but it is equally tiring and frustrating too. A full-time investment of time and effort, not to mention money, the journey of a becoming a mother is arduous and one begins to experience it, the moment one conceives. The uneasy heaviness, upset stomach and pukish feeling often becomes an inseparable part of the entire pregnancy period. The arguments, in any way, should not be taken as something against having children as life without children is unimaginable and dull. But the objective is simply to drive home a point that hardly finds its way out of the hearts of mothers.
Once a woman becomes mother, her physical, mental and emotional state goes through uneven and unpredictable crests and troughs. Often, mothers are not aware of the burden of responsibilities that come along with a child and ultimately find themselves in the midst of a nightmare. With weak bodies, erratic schedule of the baby and sleeplessness, their lives change upside down and they find themselves unable to cope up with the situation.
The mother does all the daily chores with utmost care, yet deep within she is depressed and heart-broken as she finds herself alone. All her goals and ambitions begin to fade away. The simple chores like going out for a walk and speaking over the phone to a friend becomes intimidating. On top of it, there is hardly any personal time left to share with husband in order to burst out what’s within. All the friends that she could count on seem so distant and far. Nothing common in between them. Literally, there is no one whom she could consider her saviour. And most importantly she is not even allowed to feel that way. Cause that’s not how it should be. Let alone discussing with someone and looking out for solutions, she starts considering herself the culprit.
The very thought of thinking about herself, makes her feel less human. Why? How she could think about herself, when she has a baby to take care? Fighting her inner thoughts, and finally crushing her own dreams, ambitions and missions, she develops a habit of finding flaws in herself and her thoughts.
Another mother becomes a victim of motherhood. Another independent identity finds herself trapped in the pressures of society. Everybody seems concerned for the newly born baby, which is necessary but hardly anyone shows that care and love required by this “newly born mother”.
These are the hard talks that nobody wants to do. But we have to be honest, at least with ourselves. Just open up, talking about such real issues won’t make you a less of a mother.
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