9 Signs the Universe is Trying to Tell You Something

9 Signs the Universe is Trying to Tell You Something

Many times, I’ve been frustrated by how things weren’t turning out the way I wanted them to. I’ve felt caught in a spiral or loop with no idea about where I’m going and what’s happening. At such times, I’ve asked the Universe for guidance.

I believe that the Universe tries to communicate with us. It constantly wishes the best for us and sends out messages disguised as hints. But, we invariably fail to recognise them or think of them as coincidence or luck. So, here are 9 signs which, I feel, we should always be on the lookout for and heed them to make our lives better.

1. Repeating Numbers

There’s a reason you’re seeing repeating numbers like 111, 222 or 333 everywhere. This could be the clock showing 11:11 or you suddenly spotting flat no 222 on the name board.

Repeating Numbers

Have you ever thought about what it could mean? It could be a sign that you need to break your old habits as major life changes are coming your way.

2. Songs

Music is the key to our soul. Many songs have certain memories of a person or incident attached to them. When you wake up in the morning and have a song stuck in your head, it’s a sign you’re dwelling too much on the feelings associated with that song. You need to carefully assess this and let go if they cause you pain. One thing I did was to remove those songs from my playlist so that I wouldn’t be tempted to listen to them again and again. Or perhaps you can go to another place, plug in your earphones and get immersed in the song. You’ll always remember the latest experience you had with the song.

3. Printed Words, Images and Visuals

If you’re clairvoyant, you are a person who pays attention to the small details in life. Words, images and other visuals may catch your eye quickly. It’s just the Law of Attraction working for you.

Printed Words, Images and Visuals

Before I married my husband, I used to see things and people associated with the military everywhere. Notice whether the Universe is taking you on a certain life path. It’s most likely to be good for you.

4. Repeating Events

Repeating events are usually a pattern that you’ve got yourself into. It can be annoying to experience the same thing over and over again, like constantly losing things, getting into arguments about the same topic, poor relationship with money, etc. Once you identify this pattern, you can use the opportunity to take a mental inventory of what you need to heal and move on from it.

5. Finding Objects

You might have lost something years ago and forgotten all about it. What if you find it suddenly? It might make you think why you found it today of all years?

Finding Objects

Understand what the Universe is trying to tell you. Maybe you need to again get in touch or strengthen your bond with that person or place.

6. Smells

Some people are quite reactive to smells and a particular smell immediately takes them back to memories linked to that smell. Maybe it was how your grandparents’ house smelt or a flower that reminds you of a person who gave it to you the first time. Whatever it may be, suddenly getting that smell out of nowhere is a sign that you’ve been neglecting that person or place.

7. Feelings

Let me give you a 1-min experiment to find out whether something is positive or not. First of all, close your eyes and ask the Universe to give you guidance about whatever you’re going to ask. Then, tune into your inner self and pop the question. Do you feel something in your body?


If your gut becomes heavy or you feel uneasy, it’s likely that the thing is bad for you. A positive person or event will always evoke a general feeling of happiness and energy in your body. Always listen to your gut. It’s trying to tell you something.

8. Dreams

Our dreams don’t usually have a literal meaning. For example, dreaming about your own death is actually a sign of something new coming up in your life. It is a sign so clear that once you heed it, life becomes much sweeter.

9. When Your Left Eye Twitches

In Indian culture, some believe that the left eye twitching for a female is a sign of good things to come. On the other hand, if the right eyelid of a woman twitches, it’s a bad omen.

When Your Left Eye Twitches

For men, it’s opposite with left meaning negative and right meaning positive.In our daily lives, there are numerous such signs that we come across yet don’t recognise. When we learn to pick up on these signs, we can make a proactive effort to better our lives.

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