Healthy and Tasty Lunch Ideas for Kids

Healthy and Tasty Lunch Ideas for Kids

Eating healthy foods from an early age can develop healthy eating habits in children. Eating healthy foods and exercising are two important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Your diet in combination with physical activity can help you maintain the desired weight and boost your overall health.

Healthy food is important for the growth of kids. When children go to school, it is necessary to offer them healthy as well as delicious foods in their tiffin box. Here is a list of foods you can give to your kids in lunch.
1. Fresh fruits and crunchy vegetables.
2. Dairy products like cheese slices, grated cheese, or yoghurt.
3. Protein-rich foods such as boiled eggs and peanut butter.
4. Starchy foods like bread and fruit bread.
Here are some suggestions that you consider for lunch box –
1. Fruits and Vegetables You can cut fruits and give them in their lunch box. You can mix vegetables like carrots, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and give it to your child. 

2. Bread –
You can give flatbread, fruit buns, muffins, or rice cakes. You can also make sandwiches. You can give a peanut butter sandwich, cheese sandwich, egg sandwich, grated carrot sandwich, baked bean sandwich, etc.
3. Yoghurt and Custard – Fruit yoghurt and custard can be given too in the lunch box. They must be kept cool in an insulated tiffin box. But avoid giving desserts and flavoured milk as they are high in sugar.
4. Muffins and Cakes – Bake cakes and muffins at home. Kids love cakes and muffins and would look forward to lunch in school.
There are some foods that you can give to your child at lunch. Food safety is also necessary along with healthy nutrition. Since food is stored in lunch boxes for hours, it should remain cool or else it will get spoiled. You can buy an insulated lunch box to keep food fresh. Always prepare food by following hygienic methods. Dairy products like eggs should be kept in a cool environment and should be consumed within four hours of preparation. Consider these options and you won’t have trouble figuring out what to give your child for lunch.

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