Ideal Daily Routine for Babies and New Mommies to Follow

Ideal Daily Routine for Babies and New Mommies to Follow

Being a stay at home mother (SAHM), it took me a while to get my four month old baby into a proper routine. I tried different permutations and combinations, until I finally found the ‘perfect’ routine that now benefits both of us. I’ve listed his routine for all you amazing moms! If you’re having trouble setting a routine for your baby, try this one, and let me know whether it worked for you or not.

1. Waking Up

What time your baby sleeps (and let’s you sleep), determines what time he/she will wake up. Once your baby is over two months old, set a sleeping time. Switch off the TV and dim the lights, so that your baby understands its time for bed. I know it’s not that easy, but hey! We are superwomen, aren’t we? If we can deliver a baby, surely we can put him/her to sleep on time!

2. Play Gym

Babies love all things colourful and dangly! A play gym is not only fun, but it also helps in developing babies’ motor skills, and enhances their senses. After feeding my baby, I put him in the play gym. It helps him not only to stretch those tiny arms and legs after sleep, but also in expressing himself through colours and shapes. Bonus -those cute sounds!

3. Maalish Time!

Once my baby has played in the gym and taken a light feed, it’s time for an oil maalish! My baby LOVES it. After 15 minutes of maalish, I give him two to five minutes of tummy time, to help balance his head. Do keep toys in front of your baby to help him/her stay engaged.

4. Bath it Up

After a massage and feed, we indulge in some playful foamy bath time! I use a baby bather and Sebamed bath products. What bath products do you guys use? Let me know in the comments, below.

5. Feeding and Sleeping Time!

After the bath, once the baby is dressed, I give him a top feed (bottle feed), post which he sleeps. This gives me time to finish my pending chores and have lunch. I try to sleep, as well, but sometimes, I end up watching a TV show or read a book, instead.

6. Winding Up

Evenings are mostly spent with my hubby and baby. He gets excited and extremely happy to see his father. We usually take him for a stroll for some fresh air, post which he takes a feed and then plays in the gym, while we finish our dinner. After some cuddly sessions and playing, he takes one last feed and calls it a day.

What routine do you all follow? I can’t wait to know more.

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