Risk of Squeezy Toys – Why Not to Use Them in Water

Risk Of Squeezy Toys - Why Not to Use Them In Water

Temperatures have started rising now, at least in the city I live in and this is causing me to have tiny episodes of stress.

No! Nothing to get panicked but the stuff you would read next, might put you into that zone.

Squeezy toys. Most of us parents must have heard about these and some might have put them to use too. These are toys that emanate a certain sound when a force is exerted upon them or in simple terms, as per their nomenclature, if you squeeze the toys there will be a sound.

Babies mostly like these toys especially during bath times. Toys like these help in developing pincer grasp and are good for the cognitive development of the child too. But there is a risk.

The toys when used in water during bath times, have some amount of water left in them. Even when you keep them out to dry, still there will be droplets of water in them as these are mostly available in various shapes and sizes, like an aeroplane  or a car. There are nooks and corners wherein the water droplets get stuck and then they form into algae.

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Algae when comes in contact with a child’s body, when the toy is put to use again, may cause irritation of skin or the child might ingest it too.

It is better to not put the squeezy toys into use during bath times for babies and use them otherwise. Instead, we can use a spoon, a glass or some other laminated books too to make their bath times fun and interesting.

These toys are easy to be handled by our kids but the risk attached to it looms larger than the fun it brings along. It is always better to be cautious and take preventive measures than to be sorry for our careless ways.

This post is just to create awareness about the risk associated with these toys.

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