My Kid and I in the 'Real' Mud, Trying to Make Memories

My Kid and I in the ‘Real’ Mud, Trying to Make Memories

“Stop playing outside and get inside!” – these are the usual words I got to hear from my mom when I was a kid. Yes! I loved playing. It’s been years now since I have gone outside and played. I forgot the smell of the mud, my skin has become flawless without wounds or scars that I used to get while playing, and most of all, I don’t remember the last time I had a sweaty body from playing. All these came to my mind when I saw my 3-year-old son playing with sand, water and bricks and trying to build a castle on my mobile phone. Shocking! But that’s the reality of this generation’s kids. Technology has taken over them and has made them believe that games are meant to be played on mobiles.

What Am I Doing as a Mom?

My mom gave me the freedom to play around and explore things. Of course, those days we didn’t have technology taking over us. That’s a good thing but we all know that this generation’s kids need to be stopped from becoming addicted to gadgets – but what do we do? Are we giving them space to explore things beyond the walls put up by technology? I am not against technology that teaches them things that we don’t even know about, but technology should be used the right way and kids should be protected from the colourful addictive screens. These thoughts made me think and brought back my childhood memories in the flash of a second. I stopped reading the newspaper, called my son, went outside, looked around and told him, “Come! Let’s play in the mud!” He anxiously looked at me and said, “But mom, won’t I be dirty?” I replied, ” Yes, you will be, but that will teach you things; come, let’s play together!”

These words brought an unexpected as well a surprised look on his face and those excited sparkling eyes were all ready to capture moments. After all, those little hands are meant to be dirty and make memories for their future!

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