Little Things to Remember While Welcoming Your Little One - New Mommy Experiences

Little Things to Remember While Welcoming Your Little One – New Mommy Experiences

Motherhood – such a joyous moment for every woman. So many pieces of advice flowing in from every known person. I remember, a guy in my office who wasn’t married nor a parent, telling me casually that ‘Meh, gestational diabetes is so common’. I was not sure how to react to that. It was an awkward-meets-surprise moment for me. I read as much I could and researched as far I can. But as they say, motherhood is a firsthand experience – you can learn from others but in the end, each experience is unique.

So here I am sharing my views, about three major issues which new mommies may tend to overlook. At least I know, I did overlook them:

1. To Latch or Not to Latch

What I thought: Oh well, my baby will latch.
Let’s pray for the best and prepare for the worse! It is a personal choice of the mother. However, as I see it, a breast pump is not an option anymore, it’s a necessity. Many babies take a long time to latch ON or do not latch on at all. Mine did not feed from the breast right from day 1, resulting in the decline of milk production.

2. Whether to Buy Diapers or Not

What I thought: Premium hospitals provide diapers, it’s really not necessary.
Absolutely right. But it’s better to research well and carry a premium newborn diaper with you just in case. It’s your little one’s skin after all. My baby got horrible rashes after she was given a not-so-good quality diaper by the hospital. The suffering was unbearable for both of us. I have learnt that hospitals provide only those diapers whose vendor has a tie-up with them. The quality of diapers may not matter much to the vendor but it’s sure to matter to the new mommy.

3. Maternity Wear

What I thought: Was this a good investment or not?
Feeding becomes exceedingly difficult with a regular nighty. The ones with front zippers are convenient for a new mom and baby. I had my parents and in-laws around, so I was a little conscious to wear the shorter dresses. Longer and flowy dresses will be comfortable and easier to carry off.

I hope my learnings will help all the pretty new mommies out there. Don’t let anyone tire you out with negativity. Always remember that you are the best bet for your little one. No one can or will care for the new born baby as much you will. So stay positive, stay happy, and hydrated. All the best!

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