Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Janamghutti

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Janamghutti

Janamghutti – Almost everyone is familiar with this dadi-nani ka nuskha for small babies. Many of you must have even taken it yourselves or given it to your babies.
What is it? How is it made? When should you start? Any side effects or contraindications? Let’s find out!
The original homemade ghutti contains almonds/badams, dried dates/chhuara or kharik, turmeric/haldi, nutmeg/jaiphal, and saffron/kesar. All these are mixed in the mother’s milk and then given to the baby. Some add honey to it, and some give without honey.


According to Ayurveda, the body of a child is kapha dosha predominant, and all the above ingredients cause a heating effect on the body, thus safeguarding babies from cough and cold. It also helps in preventing allergies and reactions. It helps in proper digestion and maintaining proper consistency of stool.

When To Start

Though grandmothers recommend it from day one, it is advised to start any supplements after six months only. Exclusive breastfeeding until six months is encouraged until this time.

Commercial Availability

There are many market preparations available today, which claim to be extra effective as they include more herbs.


If you pick up a popular brand of janamghutti and read the ingredients, it may contain ingredients like vidang, amaltas, sanay etc. Vidang is a popular deworming drug used in Ayurveda. But it’s advisable to use it only when your baby has been diagnosed with worms. Amaltas is a laxative, though mild in nature, but nowhere has it been advised to give it to children on a daily basis. And the most important one is sanay. It’s a powerful laxative used to relieve chronic constipation. Even adults are contraindicated for regular use of sanay, and all highly potent/irritant medicines are already contraindicated in babies.
So should pharmacies be blamed? Not really, with all the information clearly mentioned on the packet to be used as directed by the physician. The fault is yours if you’ve missed this very important instruction, and are using this or any other product on your babies or even yourself without knowing the effects and the side effects.
Thus the message is to breastfeed for six months exclusively and not to trust labels blindly. Instead, trust the experts.

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