How to Stay Healthy and Positive During Pregnancy

How to Stay Healthy and Positive During Pregnancy

All the ladies out there who are planning for a baby or are adopting one, please know that being a mother takes a lot of patience. Starting a family isn’t a big deal but stopping one is almost impossible, so think before you make a decision.

I don’t mean to scare you at all. I know that being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences of a woman’s life but a woman must make sure that she is ready for it. Make sure you are financially, physically and mentally ready for having a baby. Once you decide, you will need to keep in mind three things that will keep you and your baby happy during pregnancy. Here’s what you need to follow –

1. Eat the Right Food

Yes, you will have food cravings and experience nausea. But you should make sure that whatever you eat is nutritious. Avoid papaya, brinjal and other foods that are heat-generating foods as they may cause miscarriage in the first trimester. Eat fibre-rich foods such as oats, whole wheat, berries, fruits rich in Vitamin C, beans and peas (legumes), broccoli etc. A lack of fibre in your diet may cause constipation, so include fibre rich foods in your diet.

2. Practice Yoga

Yoga helped me a lot during my pregnancy. I used to meditate a lot which helped with my mood swings. I also practised pelvic floor exercises, as these help open up the cervix wall, which then helps in vaginal delivery. Be careful and move with your child in your mind. Yoga will also help you with your back pain which will make your pregnancy journey a bit easier, especially the last trimester of your pregnancy.

3. Listen to Santhana Gopala Mantra

This may seem a bit old fashioned to some of you, but listening to santhana gopala mantra may make your baby smarter, healthier, and more active. You can chant the mantra whenever you are free. Trust me this is true. I chanted this mantra for at least 5 minutes daily during my pregnancy and you won’t believe how smart my baby is. She concentrates deeply and intensely to whatever I say and does and repeats it. It is common in babies above 2 years of age but she is only 1 year 3 months old and she understands whatever I say to her and acts accordingly. When you chant the mantra, the sound waves travel straight to her brain. This improves concentration.

Stay healthy and think positive. You are going to be an awesome mommy!

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