Rollercoaster Journey of 10 months – Tough and Enjoyable New Experiences

I am writing my first blog, don’t know whether it is informative for parenting community or not, but I believe this is the platform where I can share my most cherishable experiences.

I live and work in Noida. I’m a father of a 10-month-old cute baby boy Darshik and I love to call him Darshu. On 1st Aug 2018 morning, first-time Darshu touched my hands! This was the best feeling I ever had so far, it is something that I never ever coded in words because some emotions are always unexplained. So, from here our journey starts!! First 3 weeks we hardly slept, our days started and ended with milk, potty, and diapers. Our life got changed from morning walks to mid-time and night walks which sometimes lasted till early morning. Uff!!! That was a tough time.

After that, Darshu started growing really fast and time ran like Usain Bolt. Days and nights passed and we both were now little ‘pro’ in babysitting and care. I worked like a machine! Days started at 6.00 am and ended at around 4.30 am – in between office, household, diaper, potty!! But on the other side of the coin, Darshu’s mommy played the most important inning, she is a super mom. I took breaks sometimes, but she didn’t, 24*7 with Darshu which gave her countless sleepless nights, skipped meals, forgot self-care, her contribution will always be priceless!

Days and months passed, our little man grew up and become naughty, achieving his milestones and we are blessed to witness all the happiness that God gave us in the most adorable, lovely, prettiest, cutest small bundle of joy Darshu. So far, this journey is a rollercoaster for us and we enjoyed each and every moment a lot and we thanks to god for this. Now, Our little boy stands, crawling, saying Maa, Paa, Bua, Baba, loves to go to the park, market and enjoys car trips. Always likes our food and hates his own food. He has hundreds of toys but his most favourite ones are mobiles, TV and AC remotes, utensils. Our home setting gets changed, many showpieces and small souvenirs are locked in drawers and room plants now enjoy balcony weather. In the past 10 months, we missed many movies, web series, sports but we enjoyed our little ones – smiles, crawling, kisses, hugs, which are lifetime memories for us.

This is not the end to the story it’s a beginning and will continue…. Till then take care!

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