My Experience of Having a C-Section

My Experience of Having a C-Section

Giving birth naturally or having a caesarian delivery both end with the birth of a beautiful baby, but the two processes are very different. A C-section might be planned, or it might be an emergency C-section. Mine was planned because of oligohydramnios which refers to low amniotic fluid levels. In the 36th-week pregnancy scan my water level went down, so the doctor decided to do a C-section on completion of the 37th week of my pregnancy.

The day before the C-section, I couldn’t sleep because of stress and nervousness. On the day of the delivery, I was more stressed. I don’t know why I was panicking so much; I had been waiting for this day for nine months.

The procedure started when I was on the operation table with some doctors and nurses around me. They just inserted the urine catheter and gave me anaesthesia in my spine, which was painless. I didn’t even realise when they gave me the anaesthesia, and once my lower body was numb, they started the procedure. I was awake and fully conscious and nervous. I even asked them if they could make me unconscious, but the doctor asked me “Don’t you want to see your baby right after giving birth?” Right after his question, I heard a cry, and that is a moment which I can’t explain in words.

Once my baby was out, they cleaned the baby’s body and do checkups. After that, they gave my baby in my arms and tears rolled down my eyes. It is a moment I will never forget in my life. In my case, postpartum healing took some more time because of the C-section delivery but irrespective of the process, the experience is beautiful and unforgettable for a mother.

I agree that breastfeeding and taking care of the baby is more challenging in C-section deliveries, but it’s not impossible. Even I struggled a lot in breastfeeding my child because sitting up after the C-section was painful for some days. But after a few days, everything was fine and just like a normal delivery.

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