20 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids


Every new season begins with a grand celebration, and this holds true especially for Christmas times. Since all children are unique, toddlers and infants alike, choosing the right gift goes a long way in keeping your kids busy and happy. Every age group calls for different types of gifts and toys which is why we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you and compiled this list. Whether you’re dealing with kids who love spending quiet evenings colouring or a toddler who needs to be introduced to the wonders of the world, this list of Christmas gifts will definitely bring a smile to your children’s faces.

In this post, we cover Christmas gift ideas for boys and girls that will set the wintry tone and make your season even merrier.

Xmas Gift Ideas for Children

Watching your child grow and blossom into youth can be a heart-warming experience. The trouble is – the more your child grows, the more variety he/she needs. We’ve got you covered if you are looking for a gift for creative children with a range of suggestions from colouring books to plush toys which will keep them busy and craving for more until the next season!

1. Colouring Books

Enter the world of creativity, and let your child marvel at the wonders of colouring and calmness with Kids’ Colouring Books. Suitable for all age groups including older adults, colouring books keep your kids busy and buzzing with joy during the winter season! Pick one which is age appropriate, and add a box of the child’s favourite colours to complete the package.

2. Magnetic Drawing Boards

Friendly and ultra-portable, magnetic drawing boards will stir up young imaginations and are suitable for fun-filled sessions of tic-tac-toe with peers as well! Electronic Magnetic Drawing boards feature a stylus that is pressure-sensitive and provides fine-control which makes this ideal for young artists and doodlers as well. It is ideal for school and all-round use and comes with a cleaning option too. Tuck your child into a favourite chair with the doodle board for hours or fun, or take it along to make a long trip fun.

3. Stick Puppets

Go old-school and become a cool parent by entertaining your kids with this classic gem – puppets on sticks! Stick puppets are usually oversized and come in sets of two or three. Let your fingers move and the puppets do the talking for the ultimate old-school entertainment! Pick ones that are easy to clean and can be used as characters from your child’s favourite stories.

4. Play Gyms

These tiny play areas are the ideal haven for kids during the winters. Play areas come in different sizes, and some of them even feature musical elements. These grow with your baby and come with attachable soft toys, rattles, teethers, and more, thus helping your baby flex his/her muscles and aiding in building hand-eye coordination in the process.

5. Plushies

Plushies are adorable little toys and give your munchkins their very own bundle of joy. Plushies are soft, comfortable, and perfect for being hugging buddies. Whether your child plays or sleeps with plushies clutched tight, we’re sure they’ll make their world blissful.

6. Doctor Sets

One of the best Christmas presents for children, the doctor sets encourage young ones to explore the joys of becoming a young surgeon. These sets teach first-aid wonders in an easy, fun and engaging way. They are perfect for siblings who want to play together, and even you can join the game to get a few imaginary ailments treated.

7. Gardening Sets

Engage your child’s curiosity and marvel at the natural beauty and joys of gardening. These sets come with shovels and buckets. They encourage imaginative play by helping your child get acquainted with different colour variants and also promote hand-eye coordination. These sets are even suitable for playing on the beach.

8. Kids’ Binoculars

If your child loves sightseeing and exploring the natural wonders of the world, gifting him/her a kids’ binoculars will open the doors to their imagination. These are made from plastic and are compact and durable. Your kids will love the feeling of watching things come up-close the minute they peek through these gems.

9. Play Houses

Playhouses let your kids enjoy the nuances of living in mini-homes. Through different shapes, elements, and playful pictures, mini-houses or play houses stimulate imaginative play and allow infants to explore every corner.

10. Remote Control Cars

Teach your tots the joy of remote-controlled fun with engaging remote control cars that feature adjustable volume and entertaining tunes. These cars come with different levels of complexity, and you may pick one which your child will find easy-to-use.

Xmas Gift Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

Babies and toddlers need a blend of delicacy and learning engagement. You wouldn’t want your baby to chew on toy parts, but rather have access to toys that make play times safe and fun. If you are wondering what the perfect gift may be, here are a few suggestions to help you along:

1. Mini Kitchen Sets

Turn your kids into aspiring chefs with cool Mini Kitchen sets. Featuring a gourmet kitchen design, these come with all the tools your kids need to aid in fun, imaginative play and learn to cook! Your child can play with others, interact with peers, and delight at the sounds of realistic cooking. Ideal for toddlers who are learning to explore their world, these toys also promote social and emotional development in children.

2. Swing & Slide Sets

Why go outdoors on rainy days when you can bring the joys of the playground within the comfort of your home? Swing and slide sets let your kids slide with joy and relish in delight all in the safety of home. These sets are considered to be amongst the top ideal Christmas gift ideas for infants.

3. Puzzle Games

Looking for a toy that grows with your child? Try out puzzle games for kids and change the level of complexity every year! Puzzle games come in different shapes and sizes, and you will even find math puzzle sets for toddlers who need to crunch a few numbers for homework.

4. Ride-On Cars

One of our top gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas are ride on cars which turn your children into professional cabbies at no extra cost! Your child can roam around the house and spend blissful times enjoying the experience of driving and be safe from outdoor perils. Whether they are manual or electrically operated, these cars guarantee hours of fun!

5. Baby Walker

Is your baby learning the first stages of walking? Make the learning process fun with walkers that make strolling through their first steps a breeze! From walkers in interesting shapes which can be converted into ride-on cars to basic wooden walkers which are all-time favourites, you are sure to find one that is just right for your child. Some of these come with block sets consisting of different shapes, sizes, and colours or musical attachments as well. If you want to purchase this gift for your baby, it is recommended to have a word with your paediatrician first, as some baby walkers may be unsuitable or unsafe for use.

6. Hand-knitted Quilts

A perfect gift for an infant, quilts are great to cuddle your baby with warmth and style. A gorgeous quilt that is hand knitted and custom-printed is not only useful, but is also sure to be a favourite blanky or an adorable keepsake when the child grows older.

7. Kids’ Moccasins

Your baby will begin walking soon so why not invest in a gorgeous pair of crib moccasins that keeps tiny feet warm during the winters and provides maximum comfort? Most moccasins feature elasticity and leather soles, and are among the best Christmas gift ideas for infants and toddlers alike. Moccasins are comfortable and work fine with sensitive skin types as well.

8. Building Blocks Set

All-time favourites, building block sets are classics and feature colourful pictures and playful shapes to facilitate fun and learning in one go. Pick a set with assorted blocks, or choose a set which can be used to make a specific toy.

9. Push and Pull Along Toys

Encourage your baby to be on-the-go with interesting push and pull along toys which appeal with bright colours, engaging sounds, and attractive shapes. From puppies with moving tails to ducks which waddle along and trains which trundle right behind your toddler, pull-along toys are endearing companions. Push toys encourage gross motor skills while help build up your baby’s strength.

10. Toy Vehicle Sets

Fun and affordable, toy vehicle sets will bring a smile to tots’ faces and teach them the basics of road safety. Choose from chiming trucks, rattling race cars, ringing cars, and squeaky taxis. Absolutely safe for kids and fun to play with, they offer an enviable range to pick from. What better way to add fun and variety in one mix?

Christmas traditions call for joyous occasions and searching for gifts can turn into a fun-filled experience when done right. Use the list above and transform stressful times into happy moments by gifting your baby or young tots the perfect toy. Soft toys, remote controlled cars, building block sets, and drawing boards – there’s a toy for all ages and stages of learning development, thus providing something unique and creative every season! Featuring delightful shapes, colours, sizes, and surprises, our list above will make your winters truly complete.

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