The Best Strategy to Make Your Toddler Eat Well

The Best Strategy to Make Your Toddler Eat Well

I am always worried about my daughter Avni not eating. Since January her appetite has gradually decreased, but I am not sure if it is due to teething or her growing phase. I got her checked by the doctor, and I tried both allopathic and homoeopathic medicine even though I always give first preference to homoeopathy. But Avni’s appetite did not improve.

Failing in all my attempts, I started to feed Avni small meals giving her two bites of food, but I would feed her regularly every two hours. Now, this turned out to be a good idea for feeding a kid who is not interested in food. As a worried mom, I started asking other moms, began reading articles, and joined many weaning advice groups on social media to find a solution. Then, I came across an idea about trying to feed her different kinds of food.

So then tried to feed her by making different dishes like rava, oats, mixed veggies, and atta chilla. I would also give her oats kheer or upama, rava upama, suji kheer, paneer rice, oats and dry fruits laddumurmure laddu, and rice flakes laddu with jaggery.

I also tried giving her fruits like watermelon, oranges, pomegranate, bananas, mangoes, and apples. She did not like apples, and that was maybe because I had started her on solids with a puree of apple and carrots. This idea also helped me in feeding Avni a lot of things in small quantities.

Avni was a healthy baby when she was born with a birth weight of 3 kgs 200 grams. But since January 2019, she started losing weight drastically. Now, coming to what made me write this up and share my experience is that a few days ago, I started giving Avni a bowl with a tablespoon of rice and a spoon. One day all of a sudden she demanded her own plate of food while we were having our lunch. To my surprise, she started eating one-two grains of rice on her own. Since then, I kept giving her rice, and whenever we have our food, we make her sit with us, and her food is served on an individual plate.

This idea worked for us. So, parents, you can try this idea to make your toddler eat well.

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