My Baby Is A Clubfoot Baby, and He Is A Champ

My Baby Is A Clubfoot Baby, and He Is A Champ

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Yes, I’m the mom of a special child. My boy has clubfoot (a birth defect that makes the legs of a person turn inward).

This was my first pregnancy. I got married and got my good news after 2 months when we were on our honeymoon. We came back home with excitement and shared the news with my in-laws (I am an orphan, so my in-laws are everything to me).

My husband was working abroad, so he had to leave me alone in this journey. He left when I was 2 months pregnant. My beautiful journey started with so many hormonal changes in my body. I had dizziness, nausea, etc. In my 4th month sonography, my gynaecologist said that my baby is clubfoot. This news shattered me from the inside out. I was speechless, and I cried a lot. So many things were running through my mind. But, my doctor said this is treatable – just 3 months of full leg plasters, and then special shoes to wear for 4 years.

My in-laws asked me to think about continuing with the pregnancy or not. I stopped them from saying anything about it. It’s my baby. I’ll make him/her stand on his/her legs.
I’ll do whatever is needed.

Many people choose abortion after hearing this kind of news. I want to ask, why?

So, I continued my pregnancy and tried to stay happy and healthy. My husband supported me during my pregnancy from far away. He came back before my delivery, and we started researching doctors (orthopaedic paediatric) for clubfoot in our city. We found one doctor, who explained everything – what actually is clubfoot, what process we have to follow, when to start treatment. He even added us to a group of parents of clubfoot babies. We got inspired from all those happy and strong kids, and watching them dance, race, and play.

My pregnancy was going smoothly, and all reports were normal. Just before my due date, my doctor saw that the baby had the umbilical cord around his neck. I had to go for an emergency C-section. I was not prepared for this, as all reports were normal. So, I got admitted, and within half an hour my boy was here. He was taken immediately to NICU for sometime. I didn’t even see his face.

But, after all these struggles, he was there in my arms. I promised him that no matter what the world says, I’ll always love him and care for him, and I will make him stand on your legs.

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