A Letter to My Child

A Letter to My Child

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Dear Baby,

It was a wonderful feeling, like I was on cloud nine, when I came to know for the first time that you are growing inside me. It was my first experience of being a mother. I had been preparing myself both physically and mentally for this time In those early days of pregnancy I suffered from morning sickness, nausea, vomiting but as soon as your thought came to my mind, all the difficulties vanished.

When I first time saw you in the sonography, I wished that you will look like your father. I felt very happy and always wondered about your gender, your look, your features, your tiny hands, tiny fingers and these feelings made me giggle. Because of this joy and happiness your Papa had became too obedient and soft toward me. He always took care of my regular check-ups, my medicines, my health and all. When I craved something salty and spicy he was always ready to fulfil my demand. I still remembered that night when your Papa was wandering here and there about two hours for ice cream to make me happy.

When I first felt your kick, it was such a happy moment and that feeling made me cry. After that,t every day and night I chanted some ‘mantras’ by putting my palm on my belly. Sometimes I was worried when I couldn’t feel your kick. And I chanted the ‘omkar’ mantra  and immediately you responded to me by kicking and I became relaxed. All of our family members took extra care of me. And your father, he pampered me a lot at that time. I also put Lord Krishna’s photo in our bedroom as I want you to be exactly like him. I solved mathematical puzzles in that phase to make your brain sharp. I read many spiritual books those days for positivity and to create a holy environment around you. Every night I used to talk to you to create a stronger bond between us. In those days my routine was regular. I did yoga and walked for 30 minutes daily, which allowed me to sleep peacefully.

You know what, one month before your arrival, I bought tiny t-shirts, mittens, booties, caps, a cradle and diapers for you. This shopping was memorable and making me excited for your arrival. Every time I got confused about buying either blue or pink coloured clothes, I always chose colours except pink and blue. It was also too much fun to shop for you.

Finally, the day arrived and you came into our lives as a Goddess, as the perfect finishing touch to our family. Stay happy, stay blessed always. Thank you so much for choosing me to be your mother.

With lots of love,

Your Mom.

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