My Twin Pregnancy Journey

Being a mother is a great feeling, and every woman wants to experience it. I couldn’t conceive even after a year of planning a baby. We consulted 3 to 4 different gynaecologists but no success. At times, we doubted if we would ever become parents or if I could have a normal pregnancy. We undertook treatment for over two years. Then, the gynaecologist suggested we go for IUI (intrauterine insemination).

We were lucky. The very first attempt at IUI worked for us; the treatment was a blessing. When I missed my period, we visited the gynaecologist. She asked us to come after 15 days. We are so excited we went after 12 days, and when she carried out sonography and confirmed a twin pregnancy. We were all very happy.

The first trimester very enjoyable; I was happy until my family members pressurised me to live with them since I lived in another state, and my husband was not with me. It was the most difficult part of my pregnancy.

The second trimester was the most comfortable, but I experienced prenatal depression. I felt like time had stopped. I have insomnia, didn’t like anything, and no one made me happy. I cried every day. I was not interested in any activity, but still, I started participating in devotional and motivation activities to overcome the depression. I ensured my daily routine included reading the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Garbh Sanskar, solving mathematical puzzles, and spending some time practising positive thinking. I went to the temple every day for a walk also. I missed my husband terribly, but I fought all alone. I also had nausea and vomiting, but the mental pressure was more unbearable than the physical pain.

Our community has a ritual of sending pregnant ladies to their maternal parent’s house for their first delivery. So, we had the godbharai function, and I went to my parents’, who lived in a small village. The change helped me as I could get some mental peace, fresh air and fresh food. That month went well, and I was happy.

Because I was nearing my due date, my mother slept in the same room as I. One night my clothes felt wet. I realised my amniotic sac was ruptured and the fluid leaked. We immediately rushed to the hospital. I was just 7 month and 18 days pregnant. I had twin boys through c-section, and my babies were kept in NICU. That’s when the second most difficult part of my journey started.

One of my babies was 1.7 kg, the other was 1.8 kg, and both had respiratory issues. I was discharged after two days, but I was very sad because my both babies were still in NICU. My twins were discharged after ten days. I am very happy that they are with me, but they need a lot of care.

I  work hard for my premature babies. A mother does a lot for her children. There is a lot of feeding, nappy changing, burping, personal hygiene, medication, etc. I heard that the mothers who have twins are supermoms, and I really feel like one.

I am very happy right now with both my champs doing well. After all, everything has a happy ending.

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