Measures to Take When Visiting the Pediatrician for Vaccination

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Vaccinations are very important for the child; they should not be missed. Going out of the house during this lockdown is very risky too, but how long are we going to delay the vaccinations. At some point, parents have to take their babies out to the paediatrician to get them vaccinated.

I want to share a few things I followed while taking my baby to the pediatrician for vaccination.

  • Call the paediatrician first before visiting the clinic.
  • Ensure that he/she has the required vaccination. Please share all the details with the doctor.
  • Make sure you, your partner, and your baby wear masks or cover the mouth and the nose with a handkerchief. Swaddle the baby, dress him/her appropriately depending on how warm or cold it is, but ensure the baby is fully clothed, and cover the baby’s feet and hands with mittens and socks.
  • Make sure you sanitise your car or bike you use to commute to the clinic.
  • Once you reach your paediatrician, be seated in the car with your baby until you are called.
  • Once you are called, make sure you don’t touch any furniture or open the door. Let your partner do that and tell him to sanitise immediately after he touches the surfaces.
  • Keep the baby belongings in a different bag and use them only if required.
  • As soon as the vaccination is done, get your baby home without stopping anywhere for anything.
  • Take a bath and bathe the baby, too as soon as you return.
Lockdown or no lockdown, it is essential to take precautions. I hope these tips help you manage your visit to the paediatrician when you cannot delay your child’s vaccination anymore. Your baby’s health must not be compromised. With a little care, you can give your child’s timely doses and ensure he/she leads a healthy life come what may.

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