A Story of a Working Mother

God bestows superhuman abilities on women. She is capable of balancing her personal and professional lives. However, the society in which individuals live determines their priorities. When a woman becomes a mother, her job closes and becomes a barrier for the rest of her life. She can do everything for her child, but she seeks to improve her work life too. If this way of thinking defines her as a career-oriented woman, it’s a shame. 

Is it possible for a working woman to neglect her child? Why should a woman be targeted if she conducts her household responsibilities efficiently and seeks to return to work professionally at the same time?  What you desire to do is mostly determined by your thoughts or your heart. Women have obstacles in their lives, but it doesn’t mean they can’t dream. Women perform a work in addition to providing the best care for their children. So, how can a mother be judged by society? Without a question, non-working mothers provide for their children in ways that working mothers cannot. Motherhood is an emotion that cannot be replaced by a job. 

Shoutout to all working women who are responsible for not just their careers but also their homes and children. Some women believe that after childbirth, they are nothing more than a mother or housewife. Her life outside the house has come to an end. This is simply our mindset, and we are mindlessly following it. A wrong attitude of our society simply cannot damage a woman who is a devoted daughter, a responsible wife, and powerful mother. Go forward, women, live your dreams and set an example for future and current mothers.

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