A Splendid Seven Months with Avni

Avni is now seven months. It seems days have passed so quickly. Life has always been full of uncertainties, but this gift (our daughter) of life has indeed been the most gorgeous one. I feel so special and blessed.I remember the day when she was born. I was right there when my wife delivered our baby. I was speechless and I had tears in my eyes. I did not know how to react. I was silently observing whatever was happening and was holding my wife’s arms. Our tiny pretty girl was lying on her mother’s breast; her cord was still to be cut.As we had anticipated, we had sleepless nights for the first couple of months, until our little one got used to the usual sleep pattern. She used to pee and poop a number of times. We were asked to keep a track of that, and we made sure that we didn’t make her wear diapers in the first two months. She used to stay awake at night and sleep through the whole day. Her cries and fussiness is all I can remember when I think of our daughter in the first couple of months. Everyone in the family had different opinions with regards to taking care of the baby, but I always supported my wife. Whatever the situation might have been, I don’t regret supporting my wife. Avni just crossed 7 months mark, and she is the cutest of all. She is the most wonderful gift we could have ever received. The moment she wakes up early in the morning, she seeks our attention. The next moment we find her playing, putting her little toes into her mouth, and rolling all over the bed. Whatever she does, it melts our heart. If we don’t pay attention to her, then we see tears in her eyes. I really wish I could be with her all day, play with her, dance with her, and bring her all the toys she would love to play with. But the long days in the office sometimes make it difficult for me to be energetic every single day.Avni recently started eating semi-solids, and we are now trying all sort of possible baby food options with her so that her taste buds get used to different kinds of food. When her stomach is full, she sits calmly, plays with her toys, and keeps listening to her favourite music. Whenever she smiles, we can see her cute little dimples. When she laughs out loud, we can also see her toothless gums. Oh! she is so adorable.I feel Avni is strong just like her mother. Fortunately, she has’t experienced the problem of colic yet. Her mother took no precautions regarding her diet post Avni’s delivery. She ate different kinds of food. I was a bit restrictive with my wife while Avni was in her womb. She has now become liberal and independent, and I appreciate her decisions as a responsible and caring mother.Nowadays, Avni loves to sit and play with her toys. She loves to go for a long drive with us, watch her favourite video songs. She never cries when we make her wear a diaper at night. She is very cooperative whenever we put her to bed. We make her wear loose and comfortable clothes at night.Having completed seven months now, Avni primarily takes ragi malt, dal and khichdi, and feeds breast milk. She is more sensitive to sounds now, and her reflexes are building up slowly. She now blinks her eyes while she beats up her rattle toys one over another. She can now throw away her toys. Earlier, she used to hold on to things tightly, but now she keeps throwing them.It was around a month ago that she had a fever and cold, and those were the worst days for us in these past 7 months. We went to a paediatrician for three days in a row. Avni didn’t like the taste of any of the medicines, and it was difficult for us to make her take the drops. She cried like never before. I can remember that time, and it hurt me so much when I saw my bittu in that phase. I remember sitting alone in office one day, and I cried talking to my wife over call, worrying about my bittu. I have always been an obstinate man, hard to bear sometimes, but I am very clear about my priorities. Avni recovered slowly, but my patience was tested. I could not control my tears. She is fine now.By God’s blessing, everything is well now. Avni will soon be 8 months. A big celebration awaits when she reaches the one-year milestone. If I can get to re-live the last year again with my cute little princess, I would happily do it. I wish I could hold on to this time forever. Every single moment spent with this cute little girl of ours will certainly be missed and cherished.

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