Tips to Remember Before Getting Your Baby Vaccinated

Tips to Remember Before Getting Your Baby Vaccinated

Vaccination— The most important and dreadful moment for every first-time mommy (at least, in my experience). A baby’s safety is the first priority of every mother, and we do everything possible to ensure her well being and growth. Getting our babies vaccinated is a major responsibility for all the parents. A baby is vaccinated right from her birth until she is two years of age to protect her from potentially serious diseases.

Here are few things to know before you get your little one vaccinated:

  • It is essential to follow the vaccination schedule.
  • After the first vaccination is given, your doctor gives the date for the second vaccination and so on.
  • Try to stick to the given date, and in case, you miss it due to an unavoidable circumstance, you must talk to your doctor in advance.
  • A vaccine is not given before the scheduled date. However, it can be given within a period of 7-10 days after the given date. For example, a vaccination is scheduled for 5 February, it cannot be given on 3 or 4 February, but can be given between 6 to 15 February.
  • However, delaying once will delay the entire vaccination schedule.  Hence,  it is crucial to stick to the schedule unless there is an emergency.

On the Day of the Vaccination:

  • Massage and bathe your baby before taking her to the doctor as the next two days you won’t be giving her a massage
  • Feed her well.
  • Make her wear comfortable clothes.
  • Carry a bottle of milk along to give to your baby right after the vaccination. This is for babies less than six months of age. For older babies, you can provide them with anything sweet to chew on. The idea behind this is to distract your baby from the pain.
  • Take your baby’s updated medical file/vaccination schedule with you.
  • Do not keep any plans for that day as your baby might be cranky the entire day.
  • She may get a fever or maybe in pain, so calm and comfort her and be with her.
  • There is nothing you can do about the pain so try whatever method works for you to help calm your crying baby.
  • Some babies do not cry at all, and if that happens in your case, carry on with your routine mommies.
  • No massage for your baby for the next two days.
This is completely based on my experience with my son Vivaan when I got him vaccinated for the first time. I try to get him vaccinated early during the day so that we have the entire day for the pain to subside and that he sleeps well through the night. Hope it helps you too.

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