Review: Babyhug Safe Journey Forward Facing Car Seat in Black

Review: Babyhug Safe Journey Forward Facing Car Seat in Black

I am the mother of a 3-year-old toddler. Till now, my son used to sit on my lap when traveling by car. As time passed, he is growing with his thinking and imagination, and wants to sit on his own when we travel. As a mother, I always feel unsafe to have him sit without any support, and so I started searching online for a safety car seat for him. I found the Babyhug Safe Journey Forward-Facing Car Seat. After checking product features and other such information, I ordered it.

Finally, the day arrived that we would use the Babyhug car seat! This product made my day so happy, as the product is too good, and is very comfortable for kids up to 12 years and weight up to 36 kg. My son was very happy to sit on the car seat, and he feels very comfortable during the journey. This product is very safe and worthy, and I recommend it to all! I love the product because:

  1. It has quality, it is luxurious, and is comfortable for all age groups.

  2. It has easy installation.

  3. It has a five-point adjustable safety harness for security.

  4. It has washable fabric cloth.

  5. It has head adjustment as per the kid’s height.

The car seat is very comfortable, durable, and adjustable according to the kid’s age group. Nowadays, car accidents and car crashes are frequent. We parents believe that we are very careful about our kid’s safety, but somehow, it does not feel enough. Kids’ car seats with safety measures, adults seat belts, etc. are the safety measures we should undertake during travels. So, it is very important to adjust car seats for kids’ safety. I loved Babyhug’s car seat.
Only one suggestion is that I feel the seat can be a little wider. Other than that, this product is completely good enough. I strongly recommend that all parents purchase the Babyhug Safe Journey Forward Facing Car Seat for your kid’s safety. It is very comfortable, and it is adjustable as per kid’s height & weight.

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