A Visit to Bisleri’s Mumbai Plant and My Experience There

A Visit to Bisleri’s Mumbai Plant and My Experience There

Today, a lot of things are available in the market – yes, water too. Whenever we step out of our house or travel to some place, we usually buy a bottle of water. It is very important that we buy pure and fresh water because drinking contaminated water can affect our health. One of the best packaged drinking water bottles available in the market is Bisleri’s.

Bisleri is one of the best names in drinking water brands. They sell packaged drinking water. Almost all of us know about this brand. It is also available at each and every grocery shop. Bisleri is known for its quality. Before the packaged water reaches consumers, it goes through a 10-step quality process. The 10-step process is described below.

1. Careful Collection

First, the water is carefully collected from different sources like rivers or underground, etc. Collected water then undergoes quality check at source. A lot of quality tests are performed to check whether the source is good or not. Only then it is considered fit for purification.

2. Ozonisation

This process helps kill the harmful bacteria present in water. Bisleri has come up with a unique, highly reliable ozonisation process, i.e., known as the double ozonisation. This process is at least 50 times more powerful and 3000 times faster than chlorination process when it comes to killing harmful bacteria. No purification process is as effective as ozoniation in killing 100% bacteria. After this step, the water undergoes for a double filteration process.

3. Sand Filter

In this step, the unwanted particles are removed from the water. The unwanted particles are removed up to 30 microns.

4. Carbon Filter

This is the second step of double filteration process. Carbon filter helps get rid of colour, odour, and harmful pesticides if any, and a few more quality tests are done.

5. Reverse Osmosis

This water purification process helps remove soluble solids from water. Although it removes excess minerals and salts from the water, sometimes, essential minerals that are good for health are also removed. But the good thing is that the next step takes care of this problem!

6. Mineralisation

It is a very critical step; at this stage, the right amount of vital minerals such as potassium and magnesium are added to the water, which makes it healthy and gives the water a sweet taste. Magnesium is an essential mineral to maintain our bone health. Magnesium is also good for the heart. It also lowers the risk of diabetes and provides relief from headaches. Potassium lowers the risk of stroke, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the formation of kidney stones, etc.

7. Micron-Filtration

At this stage of purification, the smallest micron particles, which are upto 0.45 microns, are removed from the water.

8. Re-ozonisation

When the water is ready to go into the bottles, again ozonisation process is performed to ensure and maintain the purity and quality of water.

9. Careful Bottling

Bisleri water is bottled and packed using high-quality and modern equipment. Most Bisleri bottles are blown on site to avoid any external contamination. The bottle is made using a preform that is fed into the mould, blown & stretched to its size at 100 degrees Celsius. Blowing at such a high temperature ensures that any harmful bacteria, if at all present, are killed. Leaving no chance for contamination, the packed bottles again go through the ozonisation to ensure that highest safety standards are met.

10. Final Quality Control

Every bottle has a code printed stating the batch number, date, time and manufacturing location. Stringent quality control checks are done for each and every batch so that Bisleri`s quality standards are met. However, the quality check process does not end here. After going through the 10-step quality check process, it goes through 114 quality tests!

As mentioned, Bisleri water undergoes a lot of tests. It is pure and not harmful. Bisleri bottles are available in many sizes. We can buy a Bisleri bottle of 1 litre, 5 litres, 250 ml, etc.

My Experience

I got a chance to visit the Bisleri plant. The main objective of this industrial visit was to give a first hand industrial exposure to moms. To make them understand how a brand like Bisleri carries out its manufacturing activities. This industrial visit was directed towards understanding about Bisleri’s manufacturing process and infrastructural competency.

Bisleri’s Legacy

A brand that pioneered the concept of mineral water and bottled water in India and can be identified by its distinct green label, Bisleri, today, is a household name. Bisleri has 18 owned plants, 33 co-packers, 13 franchisee and a wide distribution and retail network pan India. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, India. Bisleri aims to continue its legacy by innovating their product and packaging category.

Bisleri began the Aqua Green Revolution with an ambitious dream in mind. It dreamed that every person in India, irrespective of geographical barriers or economic limitations, has uninterrupted access to purified and fortified drinking water. Bisleri continues to innovate constantly, urged by the goals of the Aqua Green Revolution to provide every Indian easy access to purified drinking water and to support initiatives that rejuvenate the Earth’s natural sources of pristine drinking water.

The manufacturing plant has 3 units – filtration unit, manufacturing unit, and and filling and packaging unit. It was started by Signor Felice Bisleri, an Italian entrepreneur in the year 1965. It was the first company to introduce packaged drinking water in India.

Manufacturing of Bottles

The bottles at Bisleri are mostly manufactured at the Bisleri plant itself to avoid any possible contamination. Bisleri uses only Grade 1 PET bottles for its products. PET is safe for storing water and can be 100% recycled after use. The bottles are made using preforms, which go through a blowing process where the bottles attain the desired shapes and sizes. These bottles are then used for filling the purified water and are then mechanically sealed and packaged.

Filling Section: Bottles are rinsed, sprayed and have the ozonised water for two minutes. And last filling is done. For capping, ozonated caps are used.

Labelling: A pre-cut glued label is rolled with the bottle.

At Bisleri, employees work 24 hours in two shifts. They always have a special team, who work for duplicity and legally handles that matter.

It is rightly said, ‘watching & learning’ is better than ‘reading & learning’. After the visit, I understood how the company works and that they focus on quality. This visit really assured me that we will get good quality water whenever we buy water bottles.

For more details on how the water is purified or to book a tour of the plant, visit the Bisleri website https://www.bisleri.com

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