Unidentified Infertility - My Experience

Unidentified Infertility – My Experience

What is unidentified infertility? It is basically when you cannot become pregnant or remain pregnant (as per my experience) and there is no underlying cause to it. You just have no idea why things happen, rather don’t happen.Couples are ready to spend so much on tests and research to know what could be wrong. Sadly, when everything is normal, they expect that something was wrong and there was a solution to the same. It becomes a period of frustration, anxiety and pure fear, thinking whether parenthood is possible. All those couples going through unidentified infertility will know how it feels.This is when every one becomes a doctor; friends, relatives and even strangers who have come to know about your situation; so much unasked, unwelcome and unwanted advice. They don’t realise that all one wants is someone to just listen.Social relationships do get affected as pregnant women and those with kids start avoiding you (some fearing jealousy, some purely to prevent you from becoming sad for you). This time tells you who your real friends are. It is a trial of faith, a period when we question, “Why me? What did I do to go through this? How long should I wait?”So many unanswered questions, only time will tell. The real reason of unidentified infertility, as per my opinion, is how we are so addicted to adulterated foods; there is nothing healthy about foods these days, there is no assurance that even organic foods are the real deal. Food does play a very important role in any fertility related issues, be it identified or unidentified.The most that can be made out of this situation is nurturing your relationship with your spouse, creating ground for better understanding, and exploring the best in each other. A request to all never judge, never advise and never poke your nose into things when not asked for. Please don’t bother about others’ fertility issues, it is a very sensitive topic; more harm will be done than good even if you have good intentions.Unidentified infertility does feel like a curse but surely for me, it was the time I made the best memories with my husband despite all the chaos I was going through. If you are interested in how I tackled my situation and ended up becoming pregnant, I will write a separate article. Do comment.

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