Our Bundle of Joy Arrived After We Waited for 2 Years

Our Bundle of Joy Arrived After We Waited for 2 Years

It was November 2018 when my doctor said that I needed bed rest as my baby was not getting enough oxygen and nutrition in my womb. I realised a womb is the safest place for a baby, but not for mine. Before this baby, I had had a stillbirth delivery in 2017 in my 7th month. I was scared that it could happen with this one.
But somewhere, I was also positive about this one. The day I was admitted to the hospital to be kept under observation, I was thinking every second of the life inside me. The baby’s heartbeat was checked thrice a day, and my BP was monitored. I didn’t want to go through the same physical and mental pain that I had in my 1st pregnancy, coming so far as my 7th month.

I was not lucky enough to enjoy my pregnancy.

The most difficult part was not being able to sleep at night or during the day.
I was not able to sleep until 4 in the morning. It was cold outside and I used to feel hot, nervous, and scared. Only one thought kept me positive – my baby’s movements, which my doctor said I need to concentrate on every day. The day I could not feel them, I was rushed to the hospital (when I was discharged safely after 2 weeks of observation).
I was just counting the days; the 36th week is said to be safe for delivery.
I knew it would be a C-section; I did not have enough courage to go through a normal delivery.

My doctor said the baby is too small to bear a normal delivery, and they need to take him out as he is not growing accordingly.

My EDD was 30th January, and we planned it for 4th January. The baby was so weak.
It was that morning at 10:30 am that I was taken to the OT. At 11 am I heard him crying, and my doctor said, “Don’t worry, your baby is out and safe in my hands.” I was thrilled with joy, and of course, tears rolled down my eyes. The life I was waiting for, for 2 years, was in front of my eyes. It was a boy (the first baby was also a boy), and it was as if the same baby came back. He brought joy to our family and so we named him Joy.
Joy was only 1.8 kg when he was born, and 1.5 kg after a few days. I needed to feed him properly so that he does not catch any infection and grows well. After 3 – 4 days, he latched on properly and started gaining weight.
My Joy is now 13 months old. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

I wish all the happiness for him!

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